Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Still working on re-writes and goal for my son

GZ Hero mash up
As you can see, I finished and digitally colored that hero mash up from the last posted GZ Blog.

We are still working on the rewrites of GZ Legends and they are looking really really good. I want to have at least three done so that I can post one at a time while reworking the next one. This is actually awesome writing practice for me. I'm getting better at it and that feels good.

Another project has come in on the front burner and that is the project to send my 10 year old son with autism and child bipolar to meet his hero Stan Lee. We started a fundraiser and it is slowly taking off. Slow is okay, the comicon isn't until November. You can read all about that in my other blog HERE.

I know this could be the achievement that shapes his growing view of the world around him. It will show him that good things can and do happen. It will show him that he can be successful in great things. It will help him to say "I can" instead of "I can't".  It will show him that our medical conditions do not have to stop us.

Doing homework last year
My son has had a hard time and a lot of tough things to deal with early in life. He's overcome great hurdles but had to learn about  things like death a bit too early. He was born in 2002 3 months early.  In 2008 we lost a dear 19 year old friend (considered my Godson), Zak D. to a car accident. He still thinks Zak is his guardian angel. He dealt with a divorce (even though amicable it was hard on him).  In 2009, we lost my Father to cancer and attended his funeral.  About a year later his Grandmother on his Mother's side died.
This year, (he only met my Uncle at my Dad's funeral but still) my Uncle died. As if that weren't enough, he's always worried about his older half brother. That one has been on a bad path (lives no where near here and doesn't have any direct contact) and recently committed a crime in Florida that has him facing 7 years in prison. Denver is very disappointed in his 18 year old brother. He feels like he should help get his brother out of gangs and trouble, but has had to learn that his brother must be and adult now.  Now he has to be on a special diet and isn't used to it yet and he's going through changes that make his condition an issue.

For a 10 year old to be screaming at himself, huddling up crying because he says his "brain" is bothering him (possibly racing thoughts) or slapping himself, is heart breaking. I hope this makes more sense on why he needs such a morale boost.

Year end Award for B average
Now, on the flip side, this is not a child who doesn't try or wallows in misery. Last year, for all his difficulties, he maintained a B average in school for the whole year and received an award for it. He was invited to the school spelling bee last year for being in the top ten of his grade. It was confided to me that he was actually within the top 4. He's highly creative and surprises people often. This year, he's also the only kid in school who has a special school poster for anti-bullying, framed on the wall donated by his Dad. Talk about making you one of the cool kids right from the start. We keep every achievement among our parenting tools to remind him of what he can do, but this would be the star on top of the tree.

Donations have been received and special thanks go out to those who have given. Heck, special thanks to YOU just for reading this. You know, I create heroes, but Denver is a hero, he's my little hero.

Donated to his school