Wednesday, January 8, 2014

GZ Legends 82: The Fate of Stormy Knight

 Anubis seethed as he watched Sandstorm and Electrode fall victim to the violent magic of Stormy Knight. His Egyptian form trembled as his body was still held in stasis by the cursed ring on his finger. His friends all lay about on the ground or were sealed in the transparent cylinders. The looming hand of Chaos overshadowed them all and drew close enough to close its giant fingers over them. He could see the cruel madness and euphoria in Stormy’s eyes from where he stood motionless. The desperation of a bleak and hopeless situation washed over him. But then there was that glimmer of a thought. He realized one thing he had not tried that should only be used in the darkest of hours. It would only be his third time using that power and the first time summoning it on purpose. He stared hard at Stormy, willing the villain to turn toward him.

            “Look at me!” Anubis thought hard, hoping that Stormy might read his mind just a little. “Look at me, you raving psycho! I want you to see this coming!”

            Anubis reached deep within himself for that glimmer of hope. Just like the control of his lance, he didn’t need to physically move for this.

            “Guardian.” He thought and the ground trembled. The throne cracked down the center and Stormy turned towards him.

            Stormy locked eyes with the Egyptian hero and slowly realized what was about to occur. His eyebrows raised in alarm, but it was too late. Then all the sound in their world stopped. Anubis and all of his allies vanished from view as the grand platform shook and trembled. The floor cracked where Anubis had been standing.


            The throne shattered like exploding glass and Stormy could hear his own voice howling in the sudden maelstrom.


            A great Egyptian sarcophagus, a hundred feet tall, erupted from the floor and shined on high. The hand of Chaos paused, suddenly unable to move further forward. The sacrifices were no longer in place.


            The sarcophagus spider-webbed with cracks all across its surface and its likeness to the true god, Anubis. As it exploded open the cosmic groan of a voice could be heard.


            The giant spirit of Anubis uncrossed its arms and spread them wide, holding a rod and scepter. As it did both times in prior appearances, all of the harm done to allies of Anubis who had fallen, was returned to whence it came. That meant, all of the agony, all of the injury, and all of the desperate strife were returned to Stormy Knight.

            The hand of Chaos fell back away into the abyss. Following its lead, was the flailing and screaming form of Jonathon “Stormy” Knight, last seen vanishing into the great palm of that hand before it vanished altogether.

            Light flashed and then there was nothing. Nothing felt like eternity.

            “Hah…” The voice was so very far away. He couldn’t make out what it was saying. “Um on, eem. Ayy uh!” He thought he felt a breeze on his face. Was it a breeze? Where was that light coming from?

            “Hakim!” Nightfall shouted.

            Anubis’s eyes snapped open and then squinted in the glare of the midday sun. A chance glance around him revealed the open wreckage of what used to be a red brick building. Nightfall leaned over him, shaking him awake. Doctor Vampire and Sandstorm stood above him.

            “Okay, quit shaking me.” Anubis groaned. “I’m going to be sore for a week.”

            “You saved us.” Doctor Vampire said with a smile. “You saved the world, and the very Balance itself.”

            Anubis looked to his hand. The cursed ring was gone.

            “With all of Stormy’s magic gone, we ended up here.” Sandstorm said. “That ring crumbled to dust.”

            “It was all we had left. I wasn’t even sure it would work.” Anubis groaned as they helped him to his feet.

            “Well it did work. And you know what?” Nightfall said.


            “You’re not a rookie anymore. Now turn human so I can kiss you.”

“You know, that’s a great idea.” So Anubis turned to the form of Hakim. Sandstorm and Dr. Vampire turned to help their other friends.

            All of them awakened to find themselves returned to Earth in the area where the alleyway once led to the Chaos dimension. They helped each other up and dusted each other off. Even Galose was freed from the device that took over his armor. Atomizer and Dreamseer held hands as they looked out at their newly freed world. The nightmare was finally over.

            But isn’t there more to the closing of this story? Yes, yes there is. There is more to all of this tale, but you will have to catch it in its full compilation coming soon.

            We hope you’ve enjoyed GZ Legends in its first run. Catch the compilation in the coming book, Chaos Rising, coming soon.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

GZ Legends 81: Sandstorm vs Stormy Knight

 “We can’t just let him do this!” Electrode said to his partner. “We have to do something.”

            Sandstorm gave Electrode a look known all too well. It meant to have patience. It meant that he had no intention of being idle at all. Electrode knew better than to press his mentor any further on the issue. He just turned his electric gaze at Stormy and clenched his fists.

            “Don’t blame your friend here.” Stormy sneered. “There’s nothing he can do. Oh, I just felt that. You just tried to convert the air around me into fire. I’ve been watching you for far too long. I’m not going to allow that.”

            “I was just checking.” Sandstorm said.

            Stormy suddenly stepped back and swung upward with his enchanted cane. Blacktide took a direct hit as he tried to tackle the villain and was knocked unconscious.

            “And trying to distract me.” Stormy added. “Now look. Look upon the majesty that is Chaos! And that’s only his hand!”

            The hand of Chaos presented itself in form larger than the Rotanian flagship. A thousand men could easily fit in a fingertip of the dark technological wonder they witnessed. Searchlights spun in random locations and lights shined from all sorts of locations across its metal surface. Sandstorm never considered the philosophy that the embodiment of Chaos would be technology. He could see mounted weaponry attached in hundreds of locations. He couldn’t imagine a battleship big enough to tickle it, much less scratch it. In all they had faced so far, this looked to be the thing they could not stop.

            “Ah, now you know true despair, Sandstorm. Your elemental powers are useless. Never mind what you want to do to me. What could you possible do to him?” Stormy gloated.

            In the locked Cyborian armor, Galose’s brain sped through code to deactivate the device that was shutting down his systems. The entirety of a Cyborian’s armor is controlled through mental command, faster than fingers on a keyboard could ever be. Even so, the device worked with blinding speed. Galose’s mind had to be faster than his own operating systems. A series of invasive code entered his life support systems and he blocked it. Then he intercepted another sequence of code. The tedious pushing match of hacking programs continued where all anyone could see was the motionless Cyborian.

            The area trembled as the hand of Chaos became clearer and clearer in view. Sandstorm locked eyes with Stormy after catching the slightest of movement from the corner of his eye. It was unexpected and beyond their hopes.

            “What do you get out of this?” Sandstorm asked.

            “Whatever he gives me. I’ll likely rule what’s left of Earth. Total destruction isn’t his style.”

            “And what’s his style?”

            “He’s going to kill the remaining gods of the Balance of course.” Stormy laughed. “Weren’t you told about the War of the Gods?”

“I’ve heard a couple stories.” Sandstorm moved so that he was between Stormy and the coming hand of Chaos. He kept his eyes fixed on those of his enemy.

            “Now what are you trying to pull?” Stormy chuckled. “Do you think you can block him somehow? All of your elemental power wouldn’t have a shadow of a chance.”

            Anubis stood paralyzed by the magic ring and deeply enraged. He found himself watching helplessly as Nightfall was summoned and knocked down. As soon as her body hit the floor, he glanced down at his bladed lance, lying a few feet from him. At first, nothing happened. Then, with all his concentration, Anubis made his lance roll just an inch. That was the movement Sandstorm had caught with is peripheral vision. Anubis continued to concentrate.

            The hand grew closer and closer. In moments it would be able to close into a fist and swallow them all forever. Next, the technological god, Chaos would be fully free and set loose on the universe. Stormy smiled and Sandstorm could take no more of his gleaming teeth. Stormy leaned confidently on his cane.

            Sandstorm lunged with a straightforward punch aimed right at Stormy’s shiny smile. Electrode took cue and lunged in as well. And explosion of force threw them both backwards and down to the cold hard floor. Stormy laughed for a second before his expression changed to surprise. He spun on heel just in time to see Anubis’s lance penetrate the marble throne with an explosion of sparks and fire.

            “NOOOO!” Stormy howled. “My power source! You skewered it! Impossible!”


The villain turned back just in time for Sandstorm’s fist to connect with his jaw. A busted lip sprayed a red mist as Stormy stumbled backwards.

            “Shut up!” Sandstorm said.

            Stormy spit some blood from his mouth and spun his cane in hand. “Oh, you fools! Do you think I can’t fight you on my own?” His voice boomed and eyes glowed. The gems in the silver skull of his cane glowed as well. “I will still win! I can still kill you!”

            Sandstorm could feel greater control over his powers since the throne was damaged. He moved in on Stormy and formed his fists into stone. Electrode threw a bolt of lightning that was easily cast aside by Stormy’s cane. Sandstorm’s attacks were met with near perfect martial arts blocks and counter strikes. If he hadn’t converted completely to stone, being struck back and forth on the head with the cane could have killed him. Stormy forced Sandstorm back and knocked him down again.

            As he picked himself up, Sandstorm made a gesturing nod to Electrode. It was the kind of signal that suggested a new target. Electrode nodded and launched his next barrage of lightning at the broken throne. It was immediately clear that Stormy could feel it as he cried out in rage.

            “Let me show you what some real magic can do!” Stormy yelled. “HELLBOUND TRAIN!” Stormy struck his cane on the ground and a spectral ancient locomotive came rushing through the area. It hit both Sandstorm and Electrode, pinning them to the ground as the cars ran over them. The power of that spell felt like their bodies were being torn apart at a molecular level. Sandstorm had never known such agony. At this point, he was certain this was it.