Friday, November 22, 2019

The Fallout Community Coloring Project (FCCP)

Do you play Fallout 76? Are you a Fallout shutterbug? Then boy do I have news for you!

As many of you know I am a published coloring book artist with 6 books under my belt and available on Amazon under DJ Wilde. Yes, I'm also a published author of heroic fantasy tales and novels and I'm something of an amateur game designer (also with games available online).

I have started a currently unofficial unauthorized project with no expectation of profit unless Bethesda wants to talk to me (wink wink). But that's something I'm not expecting really. We'll see what happens.

Right now I just want to give the Fallout community something new, positive, and fun. I'm giving what I can do best in the way of these amazing coloring pages with the help in contributions by you my fellow Fallout player. What is that contribution? In game photos. Yep. That's it and over 40 of you have already responded on Fallout groups to pitch in. It's amazing so far and I can only see it getting wilder from here.

What do you get? You get image credit posted right on the picture with either your gamertag or your first initial and last name (your choice but if you don't give me your gamertag, I will go with the latter).  And of course you get your very own copy of your art as well as full access to all of the images I do on this. In this post I will give you a direct line to send me your images. That would by my email so there you go!

Every Saturday on my pages I will post updates of new completed images. Contributors get first view of how I used their photos before release days.

I can't promise to use everything you send, but you have the best chances the clearer and brighter your images are. Why? Because I have one complication, Multiple sclerosis and it is a fight for me with vision focus and my hands. It's why I have become strictly and digital artist. But just know that while you help with this project, you help me to slap MS in the face. So thank you for that.

This project will continue so long as I have things to draw, so keep em coming. In between these I will of course be doing my planned works for more coloring pages and coloring books.

Thanks to everyone who has already contributed their amazing photos!