Friday, November 2, 2012

What is the plan for Galaxy Zento?

After all, to try and take it all in, Galaxy Zento is huge. So I want to take a little time out of the schedule to address my plans and goals. I post this especially for anyone who may want to join the Galaxy Zento project. If that pertains to you or you are an agent I recently contacted; THANK YOU for visiting!

Goal #1: Publish a book. Yep, just one book to get started. I'm sending my novel, The Chessmen out to agents for this purpose. If any agent sees this, I want them to know that I don't expect them to try and take on all of Galaxy Zento in a big fell swoop. Let's publish a book to light the fuse and then see what comes next.

Of course, I can't just sit here on  my hands while I wait for an agent or publisher to answer me. Consider this, dear readers; I just sent out an exclusive (means not under anyone else's consideration at this time) to an agent who's website tells me it make take a month to respond. These guys are busy and I'm trying to be the beacon that stands out in an ocean of paper. In the meantime, I have to keep building and working.

Goal #2: Catch up and keep posting the online story of GZ Legends. The first installment promises to be long with lots of action. I need to not only write but do the illustrations. Right now, I'm a one man band. My hands can't do the panels for full comic book style, but I can still provide some entertaining pictures. I promise you, that is coming!

Goal #3: Even more illustrations! I actually have a list of character and alien race illustrations to do so that Galaxy Zento is as complete in its online form as possible.

Goal #4: Short Stories. I've been looking at doing a compilation of short stories. I already have quite a few. One of them even won honorable mention in a writing contest! I don't know if it will hurt me with agents if I do a compilation and put it on say... Amazon? More homework needs to be done here.

Goal #5: Be ready to rip into writing Chessmen 2. I'll still be working on it between all else and I'm 10,000 words in. But if the first book takes off, I gotta be ready to deliver on part 2!

At the end of it, I want to revise the role playing game and develop the card game, but these things are admittedly on the back burner and as time allows. The possibility of graphic novels is always on the table for discussion too!

Remember folks, you are on board with the growth of a new universe. I told you it would keep growing and you can see all the evidence of that on the Facebook Page. If you really like the artwork and would like to support GZ in some way, most art is available for purchase in one way or another at DeviantArt, CafePress, and Zazzle, all under the Galazy Zento name. Feel free to browse and see what all is available and and what prices. Each site carries some things that the others don't. For example, a while back, I bought myself some King Falcon postage stamps from Zazzle. How awesome of a marketing tool is that?

Okay, time to get back to creating!