Saturday, October 20, 2012

What is this "Galaxy Zento" anyway?

There has been some confusion as to just what Galaxy Zento is or is about. Wonder no more! I'm here to clear that up.

Galaxy Zento is a science fiction/fantasy universe. It boasts heroes, villains, monsters, magic, aliens, dragons, demons, crazy technologies, and a whole lot more. It has destinations and locations galore. It has over 400 original characters and 200 alien races.

And some out there wonder, "Well, that's great but what is it for?"

I have many plans for GZ and I'm going in several directions. The bottom line purpose is to entertain and gain exposure. In the age of the internet what better way to share, network and get started out anyway?

Here are the things that are going on in GZ meant for entertainment purposes:

ART: I'm doing as many illustrations I can while my hands will still do them. I have MS, arthritis, and carpal tunnel. I'm losing the dexterity in my hands. So I'm doing as much of my art as I can and I really hope it's enjoyed. Yes, it's for sale in places, but I hardly intend to shove that down anyone's throat. Besides, doesn't everyone have to get by somehow? And it costs absolutely ZERO to look and enjoy a piece of artwork.

STORIES: I have a novel completed that I'm seeking publication for. I have lots of short stories I want to put into a book. And, on this very blog, there is an ongoing story called GZ Legends that is free to read online and follow along with. I plan on doing more than one ongoing book series for GZ once I can get it off the ground.  I want to get into doing GRAPHIC NOVELS, but I need a good illustrator who can commit to the team. My hands just can't do the panel work and I know there are better comic artists out there than me.

GAMES: There are all sorts of plans for gaming systems for GZ. There is already a Role Playing Game that was self published in 13 copies. With revisions planned, I hope for much more and a cool playing system that a lot of people can enjoy. I also have plans on the table for a card game.

CONVENTIONS: I hope to bring GZ in all sorts of these forms to conventions. That's why I post GZ material in group pages that are conventions.

So, it's not about just one thing. It's not just about being a game or storyline, it's both. The GZ universe has a fully written and established history. Characters have in depth backgrounds and personalities.

I've been sharing my universe on various Facebook groups, Google and other media. I welcome guest artists and fan art ( have even had some!).  Unfortunately, some people don't think it belongs and they mark it as spam. I don't understand that because it's not like I'm pushing glow in the dark shoes or hacking accounts. It's just meant to be shared and enjoyed. If you don't like it, do me a big favor and just ignore it or hide it from your time line. You can drop me from your media (Facebook) if you're so inclined. I'm sorry for anyone who's been offended.

But, if you do enjoy the artwork and want to watch the project grow (you can say you saw it from about the beginning and that's cool right?) then add it to your circles or "like" it on FB. Bookmark or share with friends who like original content or whatever it is you like about it. If you're an artist, feel free to become a guest! I would love it!

The ongoing story will be revving up as soon as I catch up with edits up to number 25. Then, things are going to get hairy and scary for the heroes. I hope you'll follow along. For all of you already following along, THANK YOU! You're awesome people and I'm glad to have you.

That's GZ! I hope you'll be sticking around for more art, stories and updates on publishing as they come about!