Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I published a coloring book!

It's my very first one and I'm going to share some of it with you here today. I had a lot of fun putting this project together. I could say that drawing for me is nearly as therapeutic as coloring for many of you. I worry that it's not absolutely perfect but art is also very subjective. Not everyone is going to love it. That means I am going to get some one star reviews and I'm ready for them.

There has been a great deal of love and support on this project from many of my awesome friends(fans) on Facebook. They are one of the stronger reasons I went ahead with this.

So the subject matter of this is artwork that used to get me accused of doing drugs when I was a kid. I never did any of that, but my imagination is pretty warped when you get right down to it. In my research of other coloring books on Amazon, I didn't see any surreal or abstract works. That gave me cause to think that I'm providing something unique. I know it's weird. That's the idea. Some of the images were suggestions/challenges from Facebook folks and I was glad to tackle them.

The link to the book is HERE. Now let's take a look at some of the artwork and share some history.

This is a digital redraw of a picture I drew when I was 16 years old. It's called Portals.  Yeah, I drew this in 1986. It's just plain strange. About one fourth of the images are from older artwork in my portfolio that no one even knows I did. That isn't something I explain in the book, but you get to know it here. Every one of the 40 images in this book have some sort of weirdness to color in.

I call this one, Aneurysm. Mouths, eyeballs, and a big detailed brain with floating islands make up something really whacked out. One of the things about my book that I like is that you can redefine what you see as you color. Is that fire on that island or something else? You get to decide as you apply those magical colors. It's more about what you see than what I thought of.

Death's Head makes you wonder where his head is really at. Are those little birds flying out of a cracked planet up there? Is that lightning or cracks in the sky?

A friend of mine's son suggest I draw this and I was game! Strange fantasy is where this book is at and every image is a new world. I think there is a lot of coloring time available in this book. I wish I could show them all here but that would be way too telling.

Okay, ONE more. This is Merlin's View. There are a few neat castles in the book and I will have to arrange a new set of keywords so people have an idea of what's there. I hope you enjoyed this. You can order your copy at the link above and if you do, and enjoy it, I hope you'll go back again and leave a review!