Monday, August 20, 2012

Working on the pieces

What I'm working on. Click for full image.
I know it's hard to see the pencil work in the photo. I'm working on what they call, a "mash up". That's where several characters are drawn in a single picture. Most really big mash ups have a hundred or so characters in them. Imagine a poster with every single hero in Marvel or DC standing in one big group. That's a  mash up. I doubt I'll have that many characters in this picture but it's coming along pretty good.

I've had some really great feedback on my last post and I appreciate it. I seems to me that the "run on" sentence is more of a tool than something to be banned. They have to be used properly or they can become awkward. I can understand that. So as we go through to take a look over the story as posted so far, we'll weigh these things.

Truth of the matter is, once all is said and done, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. No one can write in a manner that will appeal to everyone. Yet, plenty of authors who mastered the run on sentence, are very well known. JRR Tolkien and Lovecraft are prime examples of the use of run on sentences.

So the run on sentence by itself is not to blame for a work not being "tightened up" after all. I have to look at it from another perspective. Is my work flowing well? Are there awkward spots that need to be "tweaked" a little? Numbers on my blogs are rising and most say they enjoy the story. So I can't be doing all bad, right? Big smile following that sentence!

I have also been asked if I consider the postings of GZ Legends as "chapters". In a way, yes. I prefer to call them "blog chapters". They aren't as long as a chapter from my books as I write them. I aim at a size that's more apt to suit readers of blogs. I can make them longer if people would like, but I thought between 1000 and 2000 words was more digestible. I figured the size easier to take in, low on time consumption, and hopefully enticing for more.

Really though, GZ Legends as you've seen so far, is just the tip of the iceberg. I have hundreds of characters, many alien races, and scores of adventures swirling in my head. So it's back to the writing desk and art tablet  for me!  As I go through a resharing of what's been done so far, I'll be preparing what comes next. I promise it will be extraordinary!

Oh, and in other news, more guest artists may be popping in! I'm still waiting for some news on that myself. Guest artists are welcome!

Friday, August 17, 2012

What's happening with GZ Legends

King Falcon
My aim with the stories has been to put a new part up about every three days. That has worked out pretty well. A long time ago, I asked if there were any folks out there who could critique. No one really stepped forward until recently.

The main suggestion was that I need to tighten up the writing. What is this "tighten up the writing"? I've heard it before. I've sought out answers on the internet. Like many things in writing, not everyone agrees on a solid definition.

Elimination of run on sentences is a  common suggestion. Creating more active writing is another.

Looking at some of the story entries now, you might wonder how I can have a novel going out to agents. Is my novel written the same way? Well, here's the catch. I have been doing this blog without the assistance of any editor but myself. On my novel, The Chessmen, I had the help of an editor who's very good. That editor is none other than my awesome wife, Lisa. Not only is she a published author, but works in radio. She does the fun work of making sure that radio ads fit time slots and get their message across. On top of that, it's her voice in the ads, well most of them.

My problem is that I have a big ol story in my head. I can get it on paper, but miss some things. Even in the re-reading I miss them again. Lisa has been priceless in helping with those things.

I've given Lisa my offline copies of all the GZ Legends work so far. She has agreed to read them over and jot some notes on what she sees. That would be just like she did with Chessmen. I will also be mulling them over from part 1 on up. Once touched up, they will be re-shared.

I would really like to get some of you to jump in and give your thoughts on the improvements. I know I can do this. I know that I can make this work.

For all of you following along, thank you! As always, more to come!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

GZ Legends 24: The Strykeforce Guard

            Commander Larratus almost bit a chunk off his cigar as he was introduced to Dr. Vampire and heard about the new threat of mystical artifacts set loose on their world.

            “Is there anything else this nutjob wants to throw at us today?” Larratus shouted, “We just got the location of Professor Zombie. We need to get to him and take him out of all this. He’s the one who probably knows who turned off the sky!”

            “Unfortunately, I can assure you; you don’t have that kind of time,” Doctor Vampire said apologetically. “These items can do anything from killing thousands to destroying your world. My team of guardians and I would be glad to help you. In fact, you will need our help.”

            “Why don’t you just tell us what these items are and let us decide for ourselves if we need help that we don’t know from Adam?” Larratus said.

            “Because even the time it takes to introduce ourselves may be too much of a luxury, Commander.”

            “You know, let’s just do this and get it out of the way,” Sandstorm said, “Bring in your team so we can get to know each other at least a little and lets go get these things.”

            Sandstorm looked around to his team who all nodded their agreement.

            “Oh fine!” Larratus growled. “Well come on then, where are they?”

            Dr. Vampire touched the colorful latch button for his cape and a portal of light appeared in the room. As his teammates of the Strykeforce Guard came through, each was introduced.

            The first man to step through gleamed in silver armor with a black star that centered on the right side of his chest with points that reached from up across his visor to his right knee. A white falcon stood on his shoulder and he held a dazzling sword with a pair of four pointed shuriken attached at the hand guard; Lonestar, the Starknight. Starknights served the good side of the balance to far reaches across galaxies under the guidance of the entity, the Crimson King. Each knight travels with a mystical animal companion that is impervious to damage and cannot die until it’s owner does. The falcon could not only fight by his master’s side with devastating precision, but also carried the ability to heal others. The sword and armor also carried mystical properties to protect the knight on his missions and travels. The shuriken could fly straight and true and also be sent as a beacon for aide.

           Next a woman stepped through and dropped men’s jaws at the sight. None of them had ever seen an Elven woman before, slender and beautiful in colorful leather garb with light pink bloused sleeves. A silvery tiara held her fiery red hair in place as she walked. Dreamseer could enter men’s minds and do a variety of things, to include invoking dreams or nightmares.

           The man who next came through regarded the room with a scowl and slightly fluttered his huge black wings. His long black hair was tied back in a pony- tail and his sideburns went clear to his rigid jaw. His fists clenched in leather gauntlets as he strode to a far corner of the room. The Kyte wasn’t known for being particularly friendly. He was a warrior and saw little use in small talk or frivolity.

            Finally a woman in a long tan trench coat carrying a red staff stepped through and the portal closed. Lady Traveler could open portals to nearly anyplace anyone wanted to go. Electrode almost couldn’t take  his eyes off her long wavy black hair and her mist blue eyes could pierce a man right through. 
             With short introductions out of the way, Dr. Vampire brought out a hand held monitor.

            “This will tell us when the first artifact appears. I suggest keeping this monitor here and that we split into smaller teams. That way we can hopefully reclaim the items maybe two or three at a time. Until then, I can tell that several of you are exhausted. You should get some small amount of rest while you can. The monitor could go off at any time.”

            “I just have to point out, how do we know we can trust any of you?” Atomizer asked.

            “I can vouch for them,” Nightfall said, “Council Interpol knows the Strykeforce pretty well.”

            “And I can only assure you, my friend, that we are here to help,” Dr. Vampire answered.

            Atomizer nodded and he wanted to rest but having so many new faces made that difficult to do, especially that of the Elven lady. All the same he decided to sit back and lower the brim of his hat. In his mind, it never worked to show too much interest in a woman too soon.

            Agent Redeagle was already laying back on a table across the room with his eyes closed. He was exhausted. Redeagle didn’t have the energy reserves of people like Sandstorm and Electrode. He was glad to gain a little rest period after so much action.

            Nyhtwulf approached Blacktide, “Shall we talk away from the others for a moment?”

            “Sure,” said Blacktide and suddenly found himself on the roof with Nyhtwulf. “Okay, they might wonder about that.”

            “We made a deal,” Nyhtwulf said.

            “Yeah, we did,” Blacktide answered slowly.

            “I am ready to uphold my end of the bargain now that I can communicate again. I have a new life, new freedom.”

            “Where will you go?”

            “Actually, I would like to stay with your team and continue on this mission.”

            “Well, we could sure use your help,” Blacktide said.

            “I am glad to help. So, are you ready for me to sever our connection?”

            “Um, you know, actually, what if we were partners?”


            “Yeah, everyone on the team has a partner to work with and we could be partners. We could team up on jobs against the bad guys. And if we were partners, maybe it would be better if we didn’t lose that connection, you know?”

            “I think I do know. If this is truly what you wish, Larry Blacktide Peters, I will honor it and be your partner.”

            “Yeah, I think that would be alright,” Blacktide smiled. For the first time in his life, it looked like he had someone he didn’t have to worry about hurting.

            Inside the building, Anubis stood next to Nightfall, looking in on the Vagabond.

            “How’s it going with stinky sourpuss in there?” Anubis asked.

            “Well, he gave us the location of Professor Zombie and thinks we won’t send him back to his home planet. Too bad for him, he’s wanted for a lot of interstellar crimes.”

            “Peach of a guy,” Anubis said. “But he can’t use his powers, huh?”

            “Not with those handcuffs on. They were designed by an inventor with the FBI, Anthony James. They suppress powers of anyone they’re on.”

            “Handy,” chuckled Anubis, “get it? Handcuffs? Handy?”

            Nightfall groaned, “Oh that’s terrible.”

            They were interrupted by a beeping noise from the other room.

            “We have the location of an artifact, no; we have two!” Dr. Vampire shouted from the other room.

            “Well, what are they? These men don’t go into missions without at least a quick briefing!” Larratus said firmly.

            “Well, Commander, one is in Chicago and it’s called the Skull of Sphidra. It can be worn as a helmet and grants it’s wearer great psychic powers while possessing them with the spirit of Sphidra, the Spider God.”

            “And the second one?” Commander Larratus wasn’t sure if he even wanted to know.

            “One of the Scythe’s of Death himself.”

Thursday, August 9, 2012

GZ Legends 23: Doctor Vampire

            Not everyone appeared on the New York sidewalk and street standing up. Agent Redeagle and Atomizer picked themselves up with notable moaning and groaning for aching body parts. Even Electrode seemed to have a kink in his neck as he leaned against a wall.

            “I punched Death’s brother,” Anubis said, still in a state of wonderment.

            “His little brother,” Nyhtwulf said.

            “Oh that’s even better,” Anubis tossed his hands up.

            “Well, you heard him,” Nyhtwulf said, “You face no penalty and it could be worse. Just be glad you didn’t try to hit his Mother.”

            Anubis dropped his hands by his side now in sheer disbelief, “He has a Mother? Oh I have to know, who is that?”

            “Mother Nature.”

            “Of course it is.”

            “I do not understand why you are so surprised, you work for his Uncle.”

            Anubis shook his head, “And it just gets crazier and crazier doesn’t it?” Anubis looked around for his lance and saw it leaning against a car. He opened his hand and it flew to his grasp. In all the excitement and distraction, he didn’t notice he carried something new. No one did. On Anubis’s right hand was a golden ring with a red gem. I had slipped on his finger from out in the sands of the beach. Now it waited.

            “We need to get in there and find out what’s next,” Sandstorm said. “We still need to find Professor Zombie and finish business with him.”

            “You may not have time for that just yet,” came a voice with a Romanian accent from across the street. The man stood in a dark blue bodysuit with  the winged Caduceus medical symbol the left side of his chest. He had on dark glasses, strange for days without sun, and a long cape. The cape stood up around the collar like something from an old Dracula movie and almost made his short cropped black hair invisible.

            Everyone reacted instantly. Electrode charged up and lit the area while Anubis spun and aimed his lance. Everyone tensed and readied to deal with whoever this was. The man put up his hands gently waved the them slightly to try and show he meant no harm.

            “Please, I understand your stressful position, but I am not here to fight. If you would permit me to introduce myself?”

            “Alright guys, ease up,” Sandstorm said as he stepped out in front of the group towards the stranger. “Things have been nothing less than insane, so forgive us, Mister…?”

            “I am Doctor Vampire, an agent, not unlike yourselves. I need your help.”

            “Well, as you can see, Doctor, the whole world needs our help,” Electrode interrupted.

            “Yes it does,” Dr. Vampire agreed, “That’s why I am here. I am from the Galactic Museum where the most dangerous and exotic artifacts in the universe are kept. Recently, seven of the worst of them were stolen from the museum. We have good reason to believe they have been brought here.”

            “Just how bad are these artifacts? What can they do that we should detour from stopping a madman from destroying a city,” Agent Redeagle asked.

            “A city?” Dr. Vampire responded, “My friend, these artifacts, unchecked, will destroy the world. I believe that the person behind your current predicament is responsible. If I can come in and speak with all of you, I can explain further.”

            “I guess you better do that then,” Sandstorm said.


Jonathon "Stormy" Knight
            Far across the city, in his hidden lair, Professor Zombie watched as the man with the top hat appeared on the screen.

            “I have great news for you,” Stormy said.

            “That would be good about now, considering they’re likely to be here anytime,” the Professor grumbled.

            “Oh, they won’t be doing that for a while yet if at all. They’re going to be very busy. At that time, I am going to send you a signal and then you will have what I promised you.”

            “You promised I would rule New York.”

            “And you will. On my signal, you may do with New York whatever you desire,” Stormy smiled.

            “You know, you’ve gone some very strange ways about this, Mr. Knight.”

            “Some things, Professor, require a scale of ritual for the desired outcome. Right now it looks like I’m taking over the Earth. I will confide in you this much, I have no intention of doing that. So, on my signal, Professor, do take over New York with all the zeal you please.” The screen flickered out.


Glowing to life
            In another location, far out in the Gulf of Mexico, the living hurricane had still unsettled the waters for hundreds of miles. Even without making it across Florida into the Gulf, the storm had long reach and shook sea beds in all directions. Deep in the waters of the Gulf, systems of high technology hummed to life. He had placed himself in stasis for so many years to avoid detection by his race. Now it seemed that there was activity abnormal to the area. What else could trigger his sensors? In a few seconds he knew it was more than just a stormy sea. He registered the field of darkness around the world and things beyond it. He registered that the people of this world suddenly had little way to communicate with each other. He easily scanned the surface world and registered the fires and discord. He had no idea that this world could become such a playground. It was time to wake up.

Monday, August 6, 2012

GZ Legends 22: Enter Death!

Glaring with fury

            “Okay,” Electrode said as Cyclone approached with menace, “We need a plan and we need it now.”

            Blacktide tightened his fists, “My power could kill him and we aren’t supposed to do that.”

            “So we don’t. I want you to make a deep hole under his feet.”


            “You heard me, and hurry, he’s about to lunge at us,” Electrode moved into speed mode and couldn’t be seen any longer.

            “Nyhtwulf, I hope you’re guiding me man!” Blacktide fired his disintegration power at the sand under Cyclone’s feet and he dropped. The hole only came to his waist.

            Electrode raced around Cyclone blasting at the sand and spraying all over the cosmic being while infusing the entire arrangement with lightning. In all but a second’s glance Electrode stood next to Blacktide again. They both stared at the furious Cylone, completely encased in glass.


Further into the air, and now at the eye of the hurricane, Sandstorm put his will against that of the storm. As Cyclone fought the group below, the storm weakened slightly and that was the knowledge Sandstorm needed. The hurricane resisted him, howled at him, and even tried to throw him out. Sandstorm would not relent. Sandstorm’s elemental link to the Earth didn’t just allow him to sense weather patterns on the other side of the world. Sandstorm could draw power from the Earth to limits even he didn’t know. It was Sandstorm’s will against that of the living hurricane to force it out of existence. The tug of war pulled at the very molecules of Sandstorm’s being and the face screamed at him from the inner wall of the eye.

“You aren’t going another ten feet into Florida!” Sandstorm thought through the pain, “I’m not going to let you!”


“That was impressive,” Blacktide said as they stared for the moment at Cyclone in the glass. “Lighting glass.”

“But will it hold him?” Electrode asked.

“Looks like we’re about to find out,” Anubis said as he now hovered over them, “Man, he can hit back!”

Cracks raced across the glass surface. Anubis put up a barrier of energy that stopped the glass shards from reaching them as Cyclone burst free from the torso up. From his waist down, Cyclone was still encased in the hole filled with glass. Cyclone raised his fists up to bring down and free himself. At that moment, behind the cosmic entity, Nyhtwulf rose from the ground. No one had seen the demon move from where he was resting, especially not Cyclone.

Nyhtwulf  phased his fingers into either side of Cyclone’s skull. Cyclone screamed and a wave of energy burst out and threw everyone back. The winds of the hurricane surged harder and louder.

Tell Anubis to strike now and strike hard!” Nyhtwulf called into Blacktide’s mind.

“Ahh! Don’t shout!” Blacktide looked to Anubis and relayed the message.

“Well, okay, if he says so,” Anubis charged both his fist and flew in for a high powered punch aimed for Cyclone’s face.

Anubis punched Cyclone so hard that there was another explosion of force. Glass and sand flew all around. Electrode quickly moved Redeagle and Atomizer behind Blacktide. Blacktide extended his aura forward and all sand and glass that would hit them was disintegrated.

As the glare from the attack faded, so did the hurricane, leaving only rough dark seas in its stead. Sandstorm materialized on the beach, bent on one knee and gasping from exhaustion. In the new crater, Anubis and Nyhtwulf stood over the unconscious body of Cyclone.

Electrode rushed over to check on Sandstorm who waved off to signal he was okay.

Blacktide turned to Redeagle and Atomizer who started to stir. “Oh, good, you guys are moving around.”

“I’m soaked and caked with sand,” Atomizer spat some sand from his lips.

“What happened?” Redeagle asked as he did similar, “And did you move us over here?”

“We won. And no way, man, I could never risk that. Electrode moved you.”

“So what do we do with him now?” Anubis asked as he and Nyhtwulf stared down at Cyclone.

“I really don’t know,” Nyhtwulf said and then gasped at the sound of his own voice.

“Uh, you just talked, dude,” Anubis pointed.

“Yes! I did! I can speak again! The spell must be broken.”

“Broken?” Blacktide rushed to the crater’s edge. “Does that mean you’ve completed your mission?”

He rose from the sand
As if in direct reply a new figure rose from the ground at another edge of the crater; much like Nyhtwulf had before. This person towered over them all shrouded in a black cloak with a great hood blocking facial features. Everyone except Nyhtwulf took a defensive stance as he rose. In this skeletal hands he held a great shining scythe. The figure moved the scythe out to his right side and brought the end of it to the sand. The ground shook and knocked everyone to the ground; for none were allowed to stand against him. The head raised from its downward angle to reveal a glaring skull laced with more shining metal. Death stood over them.

The gaze of Death turned to Nyhtwulf who knelt with head bowed while everyone else looked on in horror and awe.

“You have done well, my servant,” Death’s voice boomed and echoed.

“Thank you, my master!” Nyhtwulf responded still bowed.

“Rise, for you are my servant no more. You have earned your new life and freedom. You may go where you wish, but there is one more thing.”

“What is your will?” Nyhtwulf stood as commanded while Anubis sat back, still in shock.

“You now carry my favor. I will not tell you more about it than that.”

“Very well. What of Cyclone?”

Death gestured and Cyclone’s unconscious body floated up out of the crater, “I will take my brother to where he may recuperate before returning to his duties in the universe.”

Anubis jumped to his feet, “What? Your brother?”

Death turned his gaze to Anubis who immediately fell back to sitting in the sand.

“Aww, man, I never would have hit him if I knew he was your brother. I mean, I didn’t even know he was your brother. And, man, I hit him really hard too…”

“SILENCE!” Death’s voice boomed.

“Okay,” Anubis responded meekly.

“None of you need fear my wrath today. You assisted Nyhtwulf with his mission, for that you have my gratitude. Now you are charged with an even greater task. Seek the one capable of this spell on my brother and you will the master of all your current problems. On this, I have nothing more to say.” Death and Cyclone vanished from sight leaving everyone blinking for sake of what they weren’t sure they saw.

Just as suddenly, they all found themselves in the street and on the sidewalk in front of the FPA office building. Death had seen fit to return them and all they could do for several moments was stare at each other in amazement.

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GZ Legends 21: Cyclone's Rage


            “We have to get to Florida now, I’m sorry, but I’m out of here,” Sandstorm looked to Electrode, “Meet me on the beach in Palm Bay.” Sandstorm dissipated into air and went out the window. Before anyone could say anything, Electrode was also gone.

            “You better get there too,” Nightfall said to Anubis, who nodded and ran from the room.

            “I’m not sure where Palm Bay is,” Anubis said to himself, “but if I fly south and head for the ruckus I oughta find it!”

            “Oh this is just great!” Larratus shouted.

            “Actually,” Blacktide said, “Nyhtwulf says this is part of his mission here. That hurricane was created by a being called Cyclone who’s under some kind of spell.”

            “And the mission is to stop this Cyclone guy huh,” Larratus grumbled, “Fine, how do we get the rest of you down there?”

            “He says he can teleport a few of us but it will strain him,” Blacktide said and Nyhtwulf nodded.

            “Alright, hurry up and deal with this so we can get back to Professor Zombie!” Larratus ordered.

            “I’ll stay here in case there’s any trouble with Vagabond,” Nightfall said.

            Atomizer took off his hat and put it on a table, “Don’t want to lose it in a hurricane.”

            Atomizer, Blacktide, and Redeagle all put a hand into their midst like a team about to do a rallying cheer and Nyhtwulf grasped them all from above and below with both clawed hands. The group of them flickered and vanished from sight.

            “Just great,” muttered Larratus.

            The group appeared on a beach currently torn by wind and water. All of them fell to the ground under the force of the gale. They could see Sandstorm and Electrode standing against the wind, looking up at the raging storm. For all of them to see, a face formed in the side wall of the hurricane and howled at them all in carnal fury and strobes of lightning.

            “You must go and help them, I will join you soon but I am taxed from carrying the three of you,” Nyhtwulf said into Blacktide’s mind.

            “Was that Cyclone?” Redeagle shouted over the wind.

            “No, just the monster he created!” Blacktide shouted back.

            “Well, I can’t punch that! What do we do now?”

            “We get over to Sandstorm and Electrode!”

The raging and living hurricane
            The three men struggled against the wind to reach their friends. Sandstorm had no problem keeping his footing against the high winds and Electrode uses his speed powers to maintain his position. The rest had to stumble and hold on to each other to reach them.

            “You may as well stay back and find something to hold onto!” Sandstorm said when he saw them.

            “What are you going to do?” Atomizer asked.

            “I’m going to merge with the storm to try and push it away from the beach. I’ll try to stop it,” Sandstorm explained.

            “What about this Cyclone guy?” Redeagle asked.

            “If he shows up, pound him!” And Sandstorm vanished.

            “Great advice,” Redeagle commented as he looked around at the bending trees, blowing water, and distant buildings about to be blown away if they failed.

            Anubis landed a few feet away.

            “Welcome to the party!” Atomizer said.

            “Hey, how’d you guys get her so fast?” Anubis asked.

            Sandstorm could feel the mind of a sentient being as soon as he entered the swirling forces of the hurricane. He could feel that it didn’t want him there. Sandstorm couldn’t help but be carried in the high winds’ circulation as he tried to make his way toward the eye. The eye felt like the epicenter of the hurricanes life force. He hoped if he could reach that, he could take over and dissipate the storm before it destroyed not only Palm Bay, but all of Florida. The storm resisted him, but Sandstorm pressed on. Suddenly, something ran into him and carried him right out of the sidewall of the hurricane. Sandstorm was shocked that anything or anyone could grab him from air form, but this person did. They crashed into the beach and sprayed sand into the wind. Sandstorm struggled to raise himself from the ground as he looked up into the angry glowing eyes of Cyclone himself.

            Electrode struck Cyclone with a barrage of lightning bolts. Cyclone waved him off with one hand and a wave of force threw Electrode to the sand. Sandstorm vanished into the sand as Atomizer threw a rock and detonated it a few feet away from Cyclone. The blast staggered Cyclone off balance and Redeagle delivered a spectacular kick to the head followed by a series of punches. Cyclone growled as he caught Redeagle by the arm with unexpected reflex and flung him at Atomizer, knocking them both unconscious.

            Blacktide raised a hand to fire a disintegration blast but was interrupted in his mind by Nyhtwulf, “We mustn’t kill him. He is under a spell.” Nyhtwulf still struggled to regain his strength from teleporting three people into the stormy area.

            “Well what do we do?” Blacktide asked and then turned to the fight still in progress.

            Anubis charged in with his lance on an impaling strike, but Cyclone caught it and tossed both it and Anubis aside. Electrode was back up and using his speed to appear in different places to hit Cyclone, but the lightning had no effect on the cosmic elemental. Anubis landed near Blacktide.

            “Nyhtwulf says we can’t kill him,” Blacktide said.

            “That’s nice to know,” Anubis jammed his lance into the sand and charged his fists with energy. “Well, let’s get him!”

            Anubis flew back at Cyclone, but Blacktide didn’t dare move. He couldn’t see Sandstorm or Electrode and one thing his powers did very well, was kill. He feared even getting too close for sake of hurting a teammate. Blacktide had no idea what to do. He even feared trying to drag Redeagle and Atomizer away for sake of hurting them with his disintegration aura.

            Anubis started landing punches as fast has he could. He staggered the muscular being backwards and knocked Cyclone’s face left and right.

            “Man can you take punishment!” Anubis shouted as he kept on with his attack, “Why don’t you just fall down and take a nap!”

            Suddenly Cyclone started blocking those punches and reacting. Anubis found himself slowly being forced back with a series of parrying attacks that he found himself having to block. Then Cyclone landed a punch to Anubis’s midsection that actually made him wince. Then a blast of cosmic force threw Anubis across the beach, past Blacktide and Nyhtwulf.

            Electrode stopped near Blacktide.

            “Where’s Sandstorm?” Blacktide asked.

            “I don’t know. We aren’t doing so good and Cyclone looks really ticked off.”

            Blacktide’s mind raced. Nyhtwulf wasn’t up yet, Anubis could be in any condition, two of them were knocked out, they couldn’t kill Cyclone, and the best bet at stopping the elemental was missing.

            Cyclone came towards the two of them glowering with rage.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Who should I draw as a birthday card? Vote here!

This is the best way I can possibly put together and tally up vote from all the suggestions I have received in who would make a cool birthday card!  Combo votes are acceptable and I need you to look at these guys (suggested by you) and lets make the final vote! Who should be made into a general Ecard birthday card?

This is a card I would post to peoples pages for a big ol HAPPY BIRTHDAY from GZ!  And they are:


He loves to eat cream cheese squares complete in the foil wrapper. He's the very friendly Twilie Demon and hero with PAC..... Nyhtwulf.

Red Rhok

He's a  Minotaur Starknight who's been an art favorite ever since I posted him. He's big and strong but you might not want  his friend at the party. Orcan warscorps kinda creep people out.

Anubis and Horus

These two are considered the big comedians of GZ. If anyone makes up the definition of party animals, these guys fit the bill. But watch out,they're pranksters too. Whether I do them from this pic or a new pic in their updated armor, they could work well.

King Falcon

I had no doubt someone would choose him. He's only the top character of and representative of GZ. King Falcon would only be too happy to bring someone birthday wishes.

King Frederick

He's not actually a real King, but a heck of a funny character, chosen by guest artist, Ayelid for this vote. Not everyone likes rats though, sooooo, let me know what you think.


His the big muscle member of a hero group called the Free Agents. He's big, he's a unicorn, and he carries a really big gun! No one gets in the way of Birthday festivities with him around!

If I forgot someone, post them as your vote! But please do vote! I will make a birthday e-card out of the winner and possibly the runner up!

Thanks for all your help and don't miss out on GZ Legends number 20 that I also posted today!

GZ Legends 20: Storm Rise!


            Across the city, where ever they could find the murderous henchmen, PAC worked hard to take them down. In some ways it felt good to cut loose on the walking punching bags since they had no life of their own . Still, the knowledge that these were once real people with real lives and loved ones nagged at the back of their minds. No one knew if there was a cure to Professor Zombie’s formula and the henchmen were far too destructive and strong to hold back on. All they had was Nyhtwulf’s mystical senses that said there was ‘no life’ to these beings. That had to be enough. The cost of not stopping these creatures was ten times the lives lost to the Professor’s formula. The desperation of saving the living people escalated the terms of combat for all of them.

            Sandstorm and Electrode had formed a concrete battle plan. Electrode removed helmets at high speeds, occasionally removing a head in the process. Then Electrode would remove any innocents while the henchmen were stunned so Sandstorm could come in and finish them off. Sandstorm decided that erupting asphalt spikes on every street would eventually just add to the damage New York had already endured. He employed a tactic he rarely used; the one of his namesake.

            Vietnam was long ago except in the minds of those who fought there. Sandstorm was in a heavy firefight and his platoon was overwhelmed. The radioman was down and the radio destroyed. Air support was impossible. He could hear yelling and screaming through all the smoke between gunshots, but he couldn't see a target. He fired his weapon blindly until he ran out of ammo and took cover on the ground. Smoke stung his eyes and his ears rang from a nearby grenade blast. The sudden quiet was almost louder than the grenade. With the pause in shooting, Sandstorm rolled across the ground and crawled trying to find platoon mates. Through the shadows, his hands found a uniformed body, dead. He found two more, also dead. Then they were standing over him; Vietcong soldiers with their rifles aimed at him. They shouted at him in their language but he couldn't understand. He looked up at them, tears flowing his eyes and rage pounding in his chest. He gripped the earth under him and screamed. What happened next seemed as if a grenade had gone off right in their midst, but it was no grenade. Sandstorm vanished in an explosion of dust and wind that engulfed all of the enemy soldiers. The wind whipped and spun and filled with grains of sand. Foliage and bark stripped from trees and bushes. Men screamed like Sandstorm had never known before, but it all seemed so far from his control back then. When he re-materialized  he had cleared 50 yards of foliage and life. The enemy soldiers lay around his feet. They were nothing more than polished bone.

            So, once Electrode had survivors out of the way, Sandstorm blasted them to the same state as that enemy ambush all those years ago. At least these targets didn't scream.

            Blacktide and Nyhtwulf also found that their approach tactic worked over and over again. It didn’t seem like the zombie henchmen learned or communicated with each other at all. So, with each group, Nyhtwulf would attract their fire. Since he could redirect any energy that moved through his body, he would send the shots right back. Nyhtwulf could even aim at necks and heads. Blacktide would follow up, coming in on his motorcycle and disintegrating anything left of them. Occasionally one would be away from the group and shoot at them, but it wouldn't last long. Since the henchmen weren't the kind to take shelter from anything, they were easy targets. Either Nyhtwulf would fly over and rip its head off, or a well-aimed shot from Blacktide would erase its helmet and head too.

            Anubis fought on without fear, diving into the midst of his enemies with glowing fury. He practiced firing his energy blasts from his hands, the lance and even his eyes; sometimes all at once. He even emitted large bursts that threw henchmen in every direction. Once finished with one group, Anubis wasted no time in finding the next one. He left them shattered, battered, blasted and impaled with each combat ending faster than the one before it.

            Agent Redeagle took to low rooftops and found it easy to ambush his targets with his new firepower from Anthony James. Atomizer easily dispatched any that were missed, carefully avoiding the alien weaponry. Atomizer still cursed at himself for what could have been a costly mistake. Even though he had no idea what would happen, he had never missed on controlling an explosion before. Atomizer’s favorite way to subdue criminals was ping pong balls. Since they were hollow they exploded creating a concussion blast that could stun almost any normal person. He had fine-tuned the trick so well that he always had a couple of ping pong balls in his pocket. Atomizer was the “cowboy up” kind of guy ever since he could remember and had spent years practicing his power. This kind of mistake was unacceptable to him.

            Finally, after hours and hours of taking down the zombie strike teams, the heroes ran out of targets. No one knew of the henchmen were called off or all destroyed. Either way it was done for the time being. That was when their cell phones rang, summoning all of them back to the office with haste.

            As usual, Commander Larratus waited with impatience until they were all together. Nightfall greeted Anubis with a smile.

It's coming
            “I have news for all of you,” Larratus started, but Sandstorm put up a hand and interrupted him, “Excuse me, Lombard, you have something more important to say?”

            Sandstorm had an expression of deep concern on his face, “Yes, I’m afraid I do. In all the fighting I haven’t been paying attention and we have a major problem.”

            “Paying attention to what?” Larratus said in frustration.

            “We need to go to Florida, right now.”

            “Why?” Anubis asked.

            “What, do you think you’re going to get a tan?” Larratus was getting angrier and the vein in his forehead started to bulge.

            “There’s a hurricane.”

            “Are you kidding me?” Larratus said in disbelief while everyone else watched the discussion with interest, “They get those all the time, Sandstorm. They’re used to them!”

            “Not like this, Commander,” Sandstorm’s voice was serious and grim, “This one is alive.”