Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Alternative play for the adventure game

Today I want to go over a couple of updates for my adventure board game, Galaxy Zento. These are legal ways to play and one will definitely speed things up for large group play (6 players). So let's get right to it!

SOLO PLAY: Yep, play by yourself. It's really very simple. Choose or random draw your goal and player character (being able to choose is the main change for this scale of play) and go to it will all other set up exactly the same. If you get your goal before you gain 5 damage (and die) you win! Naturally, you have to roll for both sides of combat, but that's not a difficult thing to do. I plan to put together a video of a full play through soon on solo play. All other rules are exactly the same in their application. Alignment is still important so play as good or evil.

COOPERATIVE PLAY: Now here's a mode that will speed up group game play. It's best for 4 or 6 players. What you do split into two even teams (or for 6 you could do three teams of 2). Everyone gets their random player character and a random goal. Each team will look over their goals and pick just one that the whole team will be trying to complete. The rest of the goals are discarded. Alignment is still important, so each team must be either good or evil and should be opposed to each other for the best results out of the deck. All other rules and effects play as normal. Everyone still gets their own turn. Try it out!

CUSTOMIZING YOUR DECK: Another important point of alternative play is customizing the main deck for your game. Right from the first set, you don't have to use all the cards that come with the game. You can set your deck any way you want so long has you have cards that support the goals. With the expansion set (in the works now) you will have 3 new goals that you can play at random. You must have at least 6 goals in play in your game. You can put any others back in the box. The expansion will also have 18 new player characters. You must have at least 6 active for players to play. That brings us to the main deck. You should have no less than 8 cards in relation to the goals you are playing in the deck. Anything else can be as many or as few as you like.

These are considered official and will be added on rule inserts in upcoming expansions. Soon I'll spill the beans on what you're going to get in the big expansion set coming up. It's big, bad and somewhat broken.

If you want to know more about Galaxy Zento, check out the BGG page HERE! If you want to grab it for yourself, see the links in the upper right of this page.