Sunday, June 2, 2013

GZ Legends 50: The Rage of Heroes

 Agent Redeagle strained against the table shackles that held him. The robot arm held an assortment of needles for drawing blood, tissue samples and even bone marrow. So far, he had experienced them all. With the gifted powers of his forefathers dampened he couldn’t crack his restraints, much less break them. The agony of the needles was blinding, especially when it came to taking bone marrow. His next despair came in the thought that his teammates must be suffering just as badly. He silently prayed that just one may have escaped. That would be the one to save them all.

            In his personal laboratory, Professor Zombie checked over his vast computerized systems. He was surprised to see a damage report on one of his computer screens. His thick fingers flew at the keys to find out where the damage was. As he did this, he missed the event that unfolded on one of his security cameras, just outside of Blacktide’s holding cell.

            The shadowy form rose from the floor like a black lupine ghost. He moved with determination and ferocity, merging his clawed hands into a zombie guard on either side of the door. Nyhtwulf tore them apart so fast they never had time realize something had happened. As their bodies hit the floor, Nyhtwulf phased backwards through the door. Being able to phase others he carries with him, Nyhtwulf easily lifted Blacktide out of his restraints. He awakened his friend through the psychic bond they shared.

            “Oh, man, am I glad to see you,” Blacktide said as he stumbled slightly. “Where are my clothes?”

            Nyhtwulf opened a nearby locker and there they were. “Once you are feeling more stable, I have a plan.”

            “What’s that?”

            “A heavy dose of justice and revenge while saving our friends.”

            Blacktide grabbed his pants. “I’m up for that.”

            Hakim pushed with all his will and strength to turn into Anubis. Two needles had already done their work. The bone marrow extraction was coming next. The deep cosmic glow of his hands slowly began to spread as the needle drew closer. The long gleaming needle extended from robotic housing. The mechanical arm drove its weapon menacingly toward the side of his leg. In his mind, Hakim could see the face of Destiny speaking to him.

            “This is your mission, Hakim. This is your mission.”

            The needle drove into the muscle of the side of his leg with horrible pain. It was pain that woke the power within. The small explosion of cosmic energy completely decimated the robot arm and computers in the room. In that smoke filled room, a low growl could be heard by the henchmen in the outer corridor. Two of them rushed in as Anubis stood up from the wreckage. His eyes shined with a fierce red light and you could count all his teeth in that furious snarl. The two henchmen raised their weapons. Before their fingers could tense on the triggers, Anubis lashed out with is bladed lance and shattered both their protective helmets with a roar of fury. The sounds of violence echoed down the corridors.

Professor Zombie spun at the sound and checked the security cameras. He gazed in amazement at the power of Anubis. Power he wanted. He slammed his hand on an emergency button to activate the sonic emitters, but nothing happened. That’s when he realized where the damage report had come from. Deep in the mainframes a series of circuit boards lay in jagged pieces; courtesy of Nyhtwulf. Professor Zombie hurried across his lab and vanished through a hidden door.

            Back in the corridor, Anubis burst through a wall, spraying henchmen with metal shrapnel. Nothing could stand against him as he cut down the zombie henchmen that rushed against him. Finally, nothing stood around him except for one large henchmen who stepped out to bar his path. Anubis cocked his head slightly at the size of the brute. Its helmet and suit were reinforced with extra armor. It stood and clenched its fists.

            “Okay.” Anubis said. He jammed his lance into the floor and raised his glowing fists. “Come on!”

            The henchman charged and Anubis met him halfway. The henchman’s great fist came in a downward arc toward Anubis’s head. It met with an armored forearm to block the blow. Anubis’s glowing fist found its mark in the front of the henchman’s armored helmet. At the impact of a cosmic fist, the metal cracked and split the helmet in all directions. Completely shattered, pieces of the helmet flew through the air and bounced off the walls and ceiling. The henchman’s large square face could be seen. Teeth flew from the man’s mouth and his nose turned and snapped. The zombie only staggered back a couple of feet and came back undeterred. Both of its strong hands reached for Anubis’s head, but they were caught again. Anubis launched a kick to the midsection of his foe and threw the henchman backwards down the corridor. Anubis gave no quarter and flew after the tossed body. He charged his fist with bright power as he came down hard. He could see the rage in the face of the henchman for a split second before his fist made contact. A brilliant flare shined in the corridor with a shout of thunder. Anubis charged his fist so much that the henchman’s head was completely disintegrated. Only a charred blast mark remained.

            “Now to find out where my friends are.” Anubis closed his eyes and concentrated. He could sense other life forms and worse, their pain. “I’m coming. I promise.”

            In another area of the compound, not far away, Blacktide walked through the door. He disintegrated it on the way with his power, not feeling the need to open it. They were just in time to hear the fight around the corner and rushed to see what was going on. Anubis summoned his lance to his hand and spun to meet them.

            “Easy now. It’s us.”

       “Good! Glad to see you’re free. We must find the others. Nyhtwulf, can you sense Nightfall?”

            Nyhtwulf nodded and pointed to a door. Anubis stomped over and jammed his hand through the metal of the wall. He peeled the door aside like crumpled tissue and stepped in. Nightfall lay on the table, unconscious and unmoving.
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