Friday, July 5, 2013

GZ Legends 54: Introducing Galose

  The heroes of PAC were oblivious to the taking of Calibur 5 and the Strykeforce Guard as they convened at their office. They locked Professor Zombie in a reinforced cell with heavy inhibitor shackles. Professor Zombie’s cyborg strength had to be taken into consideration for fear he would just snap lesser restraints. The evil Professor still lay in a stupor from Nyhtwulf’s attack.

            “Do you think you can get anything off him?” Commander Larratus huffed creating a cloud from his cigar. The luminescent lights shined off the sweat of his balding head. No one could miss the gleam.

            “I’ve already tried.” Nightfall said. “All I get is the image of a man in top hat and old fashioned tuxedo.”

            “Do you know who he is?” Anubis asked.

            “Oh yeah. He’s Jonathon Knight, calls himself Stormy. He’s a Minion of Set and really, really bad news.”

            “Any idea why he’s doing this?” Sandstorm asked.

            “Sure. He works for the evil side of the Balance of Good and Evil. He’s probably trying to score big ole brownie points for his master, Set.” Nightfall answered.

            “Doctor Vampire mentioned the Balance when he was talking about Anubis.” Atomizer said. “What is all this stuff? Who’s Set?”

            “The Balance is a cosmic force that keeps order across the universe.” Nightfall explained. “There’s a good side, and evil side and a neutral axis. Each side is controlled by a member of the old pantheons, those that are left from the War of the Gods. Set, who was the Egyptian god of Evil, governs the evil side of the Balance. For an extra special note, some places in our universe are special nexus points and guess what planet is one of them?”

            “Earth.” Electrode said.


            “So why don’t we just go to the leader of the good side?” Anubis asked.

            “The business of doing good or evil is to be done only by direct representatives. That’s us, guys.” Nightfall shrugged. “The gods don’t get involved directly unless it’s something at their level.”

            “Now, wait a minute,” Atomizer said. “Wasn’t there something about breaking the balance when those artifacts were loose?”

            “Yes. If the Balance is tipped too far in either direction, Chaos can be set free and that would be really bad for all of creation. Chaos is the absence of balance. He’s the opposite of a balance between good and evil.”

            “I just had a really bad thought.” Blacktide interjected.

            Everyone looked to Blacktide as he fell silent for a moment.

            “Wouldn’t breaking the Balance of Good and Evil be about the most evil thing anyone could do?”

            “But he would have to know that the Chaos guy would get set free, right?” Atomizer said.

            “Maybe he’s changing professions.” Sandstorm said. “Maybe he wants to work for Chaos instead of Set. Either way, we need to figure out how to stop him. The Earth is starving without sunlight. We’re running out of time.”

            “We have to undo the things he’s done and hope that we can draw him out. I have no idea where he’s hiding.” Nightfall said.

            “Hey, maybe Nyhtwulf can track him?” Anubis suggested.

            “I cannot. I have never met him. I have to at least be close enough and know who someone is so I can get their mental scent.”

            “Alright, you people! Look alive!” Commander Larratus boomed and startled them all. “My phone just buzzed and we’ve got a visitor on the roof! Move it!”

            Up on the roof, Galose made no attempt to conceal himself. He stood on the vacant helicopter pad where the lights reflected off his blue and gray armor. His single red optic shined red with targeting lines of yellow. There were no weapons visible and he stood stock still.

            The first to arrive were Electrode, Sandstorm, Anubis, and Nyhtwulf. They took positions surrounding the new arrival.

            “I mean no harm.” Galose said in a baritone mechanical voice. “I am 1st Marshall Galose of the Cyborian Legions.”

            “Why are you here?” Sandstorm asked, remembering this wasn’t the first stranger to pop out of nowhere to them since the sun was blocked. The remainder of the team arrived at that moment.

            “What’s a Cyborian? Are you some sort of cyborg?” Anubis asked. “I think we’ve had our fill of cyborg stuff.”

  “No, Anubis. Cyborians are not a cyborg race. We are all permanently bonded inside of a multi-dimensional suit of armor when we come of age. I live in another dimension compared to what you see in front of you. We do this to protect our race, but I am not here to deliver a history lesson.”

            “How do you know his name?” Sandstorm asked.

            “I found you via your worlds internet news feeds. Further, I have accessed files and know a great deal about you.”

            “So you’re a super spy?” ‘Anubis gripped his lance tightly
            “No. My intention was to locate persons on this world who would be considered heroes, for lack of a better term. I know what is blocking your world’s sun, but I know of another threat, awakened by recent events, that is far more dangerous. I have come to seek your aid in that matter. In return, I will aid you in yours.”

            “Well, we already know there’s a ship in orbit that’s causing the blackout, we just can’t reach it.” Anubis said.

            “I can aid you in this. I can aid you in liberating your White House as well.”

            “What do you bring to the table to do that?” Electrode asked.

            In response, panels opened on Galose’s forearms and shoulders. From each shoulder a broad barreled energy cannon extended and swiveled on powerful mounts. From each forearm a slightly lesser version, rifles extended and all of them glowed to life. Their appearance was even more advanced than the alien weaponry they had been fighting so far. Everyone startled slightly at the appearance.

            “Hold. This is a demonstration only. I am armed with the best Metron energy class weaponry my race has developed. Our dimensional technology is thousands of years beyond your world. My armor can withstand a full megaton blast of your technology’s best weapon and remain unscathed. However, I am only a small example of what we are capable of. Right now, a renegade of our world is loose on yours. He his Maniac, and if we don’t stop him, he will destroy the Earth.”
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