Friday, October 11, 2013

GZ Legends 69: Raiding the Flagship

 When Galose bypassed the systems on the sliding door, the friends sprang into action. As a stroke of luck, only one Rotanian was right outside and Galose blew its head apart. Electrode and Sandstorm went left while the rest went to the right. Galose and Anubis led the way, opening fire on the first squad of six that they found. Anubis fired blasts from his lance that tore through robot midsections. Galose used his shoulder cannons. Between the two of them, they made short work of that crew. At that point, they found the next corridor that Anubis and Nightfall split away from the group to follow.

            Nightfall gripped her rifle and grit her teeth as the two of them charged down the corridor. They would meet whatever was there head on. It was a good thing they weren’t concerned with stealth. Anubis’s armored boots made quite a clatter against the metal floor.

            Galose continued to take point, covering Atomizer and Redeagle towards their next split section. Rotanian rifle blasts cascaded at them and Galose took a hit to the midsection. The Cyborian Marshal didn’t falter as he returned fire and his onboard systems activated repairs. Atomizer used his explosive power on robot heads and body parts to help them gain ground. In split second, he had to turn and assist Redeagle as another squad came at them from behind.

            The blasting in the metal hall echoed and made Redeagle’s ears ring. He wondered if he would have time to grab the ear plugs he kept in his chest pocket. He had to be fast on the trigger as robots fired without hesitation in their aim. Galose turned and fired a bright ball of light at the ceiling near the Rotanians that came behind them. The explosion caved in the hall with a ton of metal debris.

            “That should keep any more from coming up that way for a while. Let’s go!” Galose said.

            The three of them came around a corner where another troop was waiting for them. While Redeagle and Atomizer used a wall for cover, Galose simply stepped right out in front of them. He extended both of his rifles to supplement fire with his cannons and lit up the corridor in bright strobes of firepower. Redeagle just fired blindly into the fray, knowing anything at the other end was fair game. Smoke stung the big man’s eyes and nose thanks to his heightened senses. For anyone other than Galose or the robots, it was hard to see.

            Once the firing mercifully stopped, they moved forward again. Atomizer took off his hat and waved it at the smoke in the air as they pressed on. A new corridor opened up and branched away. It was the direction they would take without Galose.

            “Keep yourselves covered and go with all speed.” Galose said to them.

            “Hope we see you again soon.” Atomizer said.

Sandstorm and Electrode moved the fastest and cleared a path better than anyone. Rotanians couldn’t withstand the shockwaves of nuclear electricity Electrode created as he dashed past them. At his speed, he moved between with them ridiculous ease. Sandstorm followed up in the form of air and created miniature twisters in his wake. Robot bodies were smashed against each other and all solid surfaces like being in a giant blender. Electrode couldn’t help but think their path was yielding too easily as they came to a large closed door. Sandstorm formed enough to be visible like a mist in human shape.

            “I guess we go through here.” Electrode said. “You ready?”

            “As I’ll ever be.”

            The door opened unexpectedly, but nothing stood on the other side. Instead they heard the loud whirring and clanking of machinery. Hundreds of robot arms and conveyers worked to bring together parts of Rotanian soldiers. The two friends had just walked into one of the ship’s on board factories.

            “No wonder there’s so many.” Electrode said in awe. The room of the factory was easily the size of a football field and with a high ceiling. Robots operated at nearly every possible angle and location. “He just builds them right here.”

            “There must be thousands of them.” Sandstorm said. Even in the form of mist, he felt like there was a lump in his throat. A combination of wonderment and horror gripped him to the heart.

            “You know what I’m thinking?” Electrode asked.

            “I’m thinking we’re supposed to cause as much destruction as possible.”

            “You got it. Let’s mess this place up.”

            “Just be careful.”

            Not another word was needed as the two friends raced into action. Electrode took off across a wall, allowing himself to run the perimeter of the huge room. Arcs of bright lightning exploded in his wake, jumping from machine to machine with explosive results. At this point, he couldn’t deny the thrill of giving this place what it deserved. Automated weapons fired at him, but he dodged between the slow motion blasts and debris as he went around and around the room. Sandstorm took to the center and formed himself into a typhoon gale. He ripped machinery from mounts and tore metal. Each piece of debris became a flying weapon to tear through even more. Parts of Rotanians spun, flew and exploded. The assault shook the ship to points that it was even felt on the bridge.

            The Maker spun in his floating chair to face an array of view screens. 

            “How dare they!” He shouted. “Insignificant pests! Mechanicore, once they reach the other side, activate the protocol. We’ll show them just how little their act of defiance means.”

The robot General of the Rotanians nodded. His criss-crossing optic lights glowed read and he reached for the console with one of his clamp arms.

            In another area, Anubis and Nightfall burst into a brightly lit, wide empty room. They had just finished destroying two squads to get access. Anubis thumped his lance against the floor.

            “Well, that’s a letdown.”

            As if in answer, a door on the far side opened. Monolith, Serpent, and Silvercrow entered the room. Monolith smiled and beat one stone fist into a palm.

            “You won’t be dumping me into the ocean this time, mutt.”
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