Wednesday, November 13, 2013

GZ Legends 74: Forecast Sunny

 On the bridge of the Rotanian Flagship, if a robot could feel a sense of accomplishment, Mechanicore would have been glowing with it. According to all sensor readings, they had hit their target and Galose was no more. The Maker would be very pleased to learn this. At the moment, the Rotanian General’s creator dealt with the rest of the intruders in the engine bays. Mechanicore could not deny the conclusion that this should have been done long ago. The strange chain of events incited by Stormy Knight made no logical sense. According to programming, Mechanicore knew that the best way to deal with an adversary was to destroy them directly. It didn’t matter anymore. Once Stormy Knight finished whatever he was doing, the Rotanians would strip the Earth of its best mineral deposits. It was possible that Earth would even become a new Rotanian outpost. The planet would be redesigned with factories to build billions of robot soldiers.

            A bright flash interrupted mechanical musings and energy rifles blared and blasted. As Rotanians were blasted apart on all sides of the bridge, Galose came flying through the air to land a foot against Mechanicore’s head. Galose bypassed the ship’s security systems to teleport onboard. He followed up his kick with a battery of rifle and cannon blasts, pounding the robot general backwards. A well-aimed pulse grenade blew the doors away from a lift shaft. A second shot sent Mechanicore spiraling away into the darkness.

            “Now, I won’t be making the same mistake you did.” Galose said as he turned and backhanded a soldier right behind him. Its robot head went spinning across the bridge.

            Galose went straight to a console and put an armored hand on it. Interfacing with the Rotanian navigation computers took little effort. As he established commands for the ship, he scanned for his new friends. He hoped they were still alive.

            When Blacktide got pulled through the floor, Murderator tossed him down like a rag doll. The tall robot bodyguard took aim with its dark visor and a wide beam of disintegration energy came for Blacktide. He had no chance to evade and all around him, metal and machinery dissipated into smoke. As it cleared, he was amazed to find that it didn’t hurt him at all. Blacktide stared over his completely unaffected body in shock.

            “No way.”

            Murderator seemed momentarily confused by the outcome as well. Blacktide looked up at it and half smiled. He jumped to his feet as another blast came. He ignored at as he moved toward the monster robot.

            “Does not compute, huh? How about this?” Blacktide drew back one hand as he charged up his power as hard as he could. He thrust that hand forward and a bolt of darkness hit Murderator directly in the visor. Murderator convulsed, sparked and finally fell backwards. The amplified powers, a gift from Death, only needed a proper conduit past the robot’s armor.

            As if it realized its twin was beaten, Sendroid dropped through the hole, landing behind Blacktide. The blonde hero turned, his eyes were smoking black from power.

            “Oh yeah, you hunk of junk, it’s your turn.”

            Above them in the engine bay, the Maker sneered from this seat.

  “Defeat my bodyguards? Unheard of. None the less, you will come to me next and die. Soon my soldiers will toss your bodies into space. Your unprotected bodies will burst and that will be the end of you.”

            A rattling sound commanded the Maker’s attention from thoughts of evil. Directly below him, a piece of rock from Sandstorm’s giant body, vibrated on the floor. One by one, then two by two, each piece began to shiver and shake on the metal floor.

            “What is this?” The Maker snarled.

            A rock suddenly flew through the air and narrowly missed the Maker’s head. More followed as rocks jumped from the floor and zinged all over the chamber.

            “Impossible!” The Maker hit the control panel on his chair and the metal shields concealed him from view. Rocks pelted his chair from all sides as they spun and darted like angry hornets.

            “No matter! I will flood this chamber with radiation and deal with you!”

            But rocks penetrated the turbine engines. Metal parts broke and gears cracked. Several small explosions rocked the room. The Maker struggled to steady his chair so he could regain control of the situation. That’s when he saw Anubis on his internal monitor. The Maker’s eyes grew wide as he saw the grimacing Anubis hold back the bladed lance for throwing.

            “No.” The Maker murmured in disbelief.

            Anubis threw his lance and it drove right through the base of the hovering chair. The balance systems were destroyed by the hit and the chair spun across the engine bay. It bounced off two walls and the floor before vanishing. The Maker managed to trigger an escape teleportation system. Even so, he pounded his fists in frustration as he could not control his chair in any other way.

            After perforating the turbine engines, all the flying rocks dissipated into air followed by the reformation of Sandstorm’s body. Sandstorm rushed to Electrode’s side.

            “Come on, buddy, up and at ‘em! We have to get out of here now.” He gave his partner an electric jolt to the chest, bringing him back to consciousness.

            Nyhtwulf also woke up and dropped through the floor to get his partner and best friend. Blacktide still surged with power and both robots lay motionless.

            “No one can come near me.” Blacktide said. “It’s way too dangerous.”

            “I can come near you, my friend. We must leave now.”

            “How can we know it won’t hurt you?”

            “I have been helping you control your powers all this time. This will be no different.” Nyhtwulf said as the dark aura faded from Blacktide. “You will be alright.”

            From outside the blasts started to breach the hull. The ship navigation system kicked in with its new orders and the drive engines came to life. As the explosions continued the jump system kicked in and the ship shot across the solar system toward the sun.
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