Saturday, May 24, 2014

Character Spotlight: Victor Darksong

Victor Darksong is the leader of a crew of deadly mercenaries called, The Darksiders. He's cruel, ruthless, and has the fatal skills to back up the attitude. Of course, he wasn't always like that.

Victor was once nothing more than a greedy galactic treasure hunter. He was in competition with several others just like him. Greed is a dangerous ally, and one of them tipped him off to an artifact hidden at the heart of a giant asteroid. Victor went right after it, not realizing that the trip was meant to end him.

The Hangman's rope is an intelligent artifact that has a horrifying way of choosing who it will bond to. It wraps itself around the person who finds it and ignites them in supernatural flames. Those who do not survive, it doesn't find worthy. Victor had one saving grace when the rope wound up on him. Victor is a half demon. While the rope still horribly burned and scarred him, he survived the process and the rope settled to be wound around his midsection. To say the least, Victor was a changed man.

The power of the rope made him realize a new calling. He hunted down the person who sent him to the rope and thanked him before killing him. After that, he gathered a team of mercenaries and became one of the most lethal paid killers in the galaxy.

Victor had a scarf made and enchanted to act like the rope. While not intelligent, the scarf can shatter stone and is very good and blocking attackers. Both items can grasp and throw objects or people. The rope has a near armor piercing quality when it attacks in a straight jab. Anything the rope grasps, burns. While Victor enjoys using the rope for an assorted number of attacks; his favorite is strangulation. Victor can also through fire bolts from his hands or eyes.

Victor is a cunning leader and strategist. He hand picked the members of his team based on their abilities. Nothing is done on his team without a specific reason behind it. Should a mark survive or escape, Victor considers it a personal matter to hunt them down. Few mercenaries are as tenacious.

Victor and the Darksiders are in my novel, Chessmen: Opening Moves. (Click on images for larger view)
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