Saturday, August 9, 2014

Panther Steele: Swords and Shadows

I've been tailing these idiots through three major cities. They've been luckier than they deserve. In New York they killed a school teacher, dental hygienist, and a day care worker. In Pittsburgh they killed three nurses from two hospitals and a clinic. Now I catch up to them in Chicago. They're a trio, so that's why they take three women in each city they choose. Then they move on quickly but I swear they choose their cities on a dartboard. If only I caught on to them before they went to Pittsburgh. It was a lucky break to find out where they were going. Homeless people see things others take for granted. I've spent a long time becoming a trusted friend of the streets.

In Pittsburgh they had already killed the first two and barely missed number three. They have number one for Chicago, but they aren't going to kill her tonight. After tonight, they won't be killing anyone anymore.

I'm Panther Steele and I don't know that I'd call myself a ninja, but the get up sure freaks out the scumbags. I have enough martial arts training under my belt to pull it all off pretty good too. It takes a lot of restraint be part of World Legion; outfit of heroes. You see, to me, the only good scumbag is a dead scumbag and these three are the worst of them. I do my best to play by the rules, but these guys are the worst of vermin. They don't need to be arrested. They need to be exterminated.

So where we are in an abandoned mill. How freaking cliche is that? The girl is terrified and handcuffed to a set of pipes. At least she'll be out of the way. I'm above them all on a broken catwalk. Ha. Catwalk for a panther, perfect. It's time to move. One of them is directly below me. He's not the biggest one, but good for a start.

I drop out of the shadows with my sword pointed straight down. It's a straight edge ninjato and very sharp. I put it through his upper shoulder and into his heart. He can't even cry out. The other two don't see me right away, but they see the look on their buddy's face. He drops to his knees and I pull out my sword. That's it, creeps, take a good look at me.

The smallest on of the bunch gives me one terrified look and makes a run for it. Too bad he has to pass in striking distance. One flick of my wrist and I sever his carotid artery. He won't make it 20 feet.

Last guy is the biggest. He grimaces at me and rips a pipe off the wall. Good. I was hoping for an actual fight. He swings and I duck. He's big thick and strong, but telegraphs his moves big time. His swings are wide and wild. No doubt, he'd crush my skull if he made contact. I keep on the move, let him wear himself down a bit. No. This guy won't be much of a challenge after all. Time to get rid of the stupid pipe. He swings and I slice. Hand is gone and pipe with it. Losing his hand sends him into a psycho rage and he comes at me with the other one without hesitation. You offer it, I remove it. Other arm is gone at the elbow. No sense in delaying the inevitable. I drive my sword straight up under the jaw and into the brain. I turn and give a twist before removing it and standing aside. He goes down like a dead tree onto his face. I use an old rag nearby to wipe my sword before I it put it away.

The girl is in shock. Can't blame her. I use my lock picks to remove the handcuffs.

"I'm not going to hurt you. I'll take you to the hospital, okay?" With that she throws her arms around me and won't let go. I have to carry her out. Yeah, I'll get some heat from killing them, but it was three on one. Even though I'm skilled enough to take them all in, no. Not these. Vermin need to be exterminated. The only good scumbag is a dead scumbag.
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