Sunday, March 8, 2015

Homage to the ladies!

Yes, I do have female characters in GZ. Since it's International Women's Day, why not revisit them? The sad issue for me is that I don't draw them very well. Worse since my problems with MS, but that doesn't stop me as most of you know. So let's take a look at some of the best ladies from GZ.

During GZ Legends (coming out as Chaos Rising soon) I introduced a few cool lady characters.

Nightfall: She has the power to cause mental blackouts on physical contact. This also lets her read minds while her target is knocked out. As a member of the team, Calibur 5 she serves Galactic Interpol. She's also Anubis's girlfriend. If that's not a reason not to mess with her, I don't know what is. She's a dead shot with her blaster and a skilled martial artist too.

Gypsy: Spell weaving is her power. She can command magic to do almost anything she wants. She has mild precog abilities and can see the past of objects she touches. She's a teammate to Nightfall in Calibur 5. Her martial skill is equal to Nightfall and the two spar often for practice. She doesn't usually resort to firearms, but if her magic isn't cutting it, she's a crack shot.

Dreamseer: This Elven lady is a powerful psi. She can read minds, heal mental illness, and even cause some damage. She knows a small amount of Elven magic, but seldom uses it. She's a vegetarian and picks on her romantic interest, Atomizer for not being one. She's not bad in physical combat, but usually leaves heavy lifting to her stronger teammates. She's a member of the Strykeforce Guard for the Intergalactic Museum.

Traveller: This lady is Dreamseer's teammate and the main transporter for her team. Her ability to open portals can send teammates to any point in the universe. She's a powerful combatant with the fire staff of the High Druid (yes, he wants it back). She's a master martial artist with her staff and has cleaned up large numbers of opponents before.

All four of these characters are coming up in Chaos Rising. It's going to be an awesome tale of adventure!

In Chessmen 2 there are notable ladies coming up as well.

Lorelei: A Faerie of legendary status, she travels with the legendary Minotaur, Durgan of the Iron Fist. Never underestimate a Fae. She may be small but she wields powerful magics. Not only that, she can fly at high speeds and slice enemies down with her razorwing attack. She has an attitude a hundred times her size, but the next is even smaller and just as tough.

Lypsi: This little lady is an Althamite. They are a race of beings only a centimeter tall. Her power allows her to treat targets as if she were the same size. Did you ever see the cartoon with the little flea that could benchpress dogs? That's kind of what her power allows her to do. She's practically a living bullet.

So that's just a few for the sake of blog length. You can bet there will be more to come on these characters and so many more!
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