Monday, December 26, 2011

By Request: Jojo versus Monolith

Over at my Deviantart page, one of my new friends made this request of me. He requested to see Jojo versus Monolith. I thought about it and decided "why not?". So this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to work some requests into my schedule of illustrations that I am doing. If guest artists jump in, I'll even write the blog article for how the fight would go, just like I'm about to do here. And this is one serious fight.

In the reptile corner: Jojo! Jojo will tell you that he's "the baddest mudda around!" and he's about right. Jojo has a mutated strength power that magnifies his feats of strength at random 10-100 times. You never know just how hard Jojo is going to punch something! Not only is he impossibly strong, but fast and acrobatic too. He's only 3 feet tall, so expect him to be really hard to land a hit on. When he is hit, he can take some of the hardest punches you can imagine. Even so, hit Jojo hard enough and he will go down for the count.

In the rockslide corner: Monolith! Monolith was a human who suffered complications with his dwarfism. Through an evil ritual, he and his friends each became transformed into a different servant of Set. In this case, the transformation was to a Stone Demon. Stone Demons absorb brute force attacks and half of energy attacks, converting them straight to strength. They exert and use the energy they build up on their very next feat, causing almost the same multiplier effect as Jojo. They just have to be hit first. Monolith is much meaner that most of his kind, being enhanced by an evil god. Psychic powers and magics are the best way to take down a Stone Demon. Monolith stands about 7 feet tall.

The fight: Jojo is a master at taunting his enemies. Thanks to that, Monolith causes nearly all the wreckage their fight brings. Jojo scores lots of direct hits, knocking Monolith all over the place. He gets Monolith to run head on into walls, but that all takes its toll toward a deadly mistake. It's hard for Monolith to land a punch on the little green guy, but that's not going to last forever. They lay waste to several city blocks before Monolith finally catches Jojo by a foot. He bounces the little lizard off the pavement. That won't hurt Jojo much, but the next thing that happens is a well placed football kick that launches Jojo right out of city limits. So, while they are equals in strength, the ability to absorb and feed back is what wins the day. Jojo can't take as many hits as Monolith, especially for long distances. Jojo gets up, shakes it off and decides to try again another day.

The winner by a kick: Monolith.
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