Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spotlight: Ankhforce!

Around the time of the Black Death, the gods of Earths many pantheons grew restless with each other. A war broke out that spread to the stars. As a result of this, many of the gods once known, are now dead. Of the Egyptian pantheon, only Seth, Thoth, and Ptah remain. The missing gods create a gap in the balance that Destiny decides, must be fixed. Destiny and Thoth create the Powermid, a pyramid of blue cosmic crystal that will seek out worthy beings. It floats in the air one point and rotates with it's glowing power. When it finds someone worthy, it gifts them with the power and likeness of one of the lost gods of Egypt. Those chosen will be Heralds of Destiny and entrusted with protecting the balance and the lines of fate. Over the years, the Powermid has made many choices, resulting in a cosmic team of heroes:
(each person chosen is also given the artifacts of the lost god in question, including armor and headdress and a powered ankh- they also each have a special high powered maneuver for times of great need that will summon the original spirit of that god)

Anubis: The Powermid found Hakim lost in the desert and dying of exposure. It found him worthy and saved his life by transforming him into Anubis. Another aspect of the Powermid is to gift each person with the powerful artifacts once carried by the lost gods. Anubis's armor, lance and shield are all very powerful. His lance obeys mental commands and he has learned several nasty tricks with it. Unlike the original Anubis, Hakim is a comedian. He uses his wisecracks and humor to distract villains. He once used his cosmic abilities to cover a burglar in peanut butter. He co-leads the team with the first other Powermid chosen he met, Horus.

Horus is actually Keitro, a being from the Core of Time and Space. These beings are the oldest in the universe. Horus took to Anubis's sense of humor right away and they became fast friends. Horuse uses a sonic sword. The two of them have many special attack moves they created and quite a few other things. Keitro finds his age to be a humorous thing but never reveals it to anyone. Through Keitro the two also have become Guardians of the Core, each with a special artifact to assist them. One thing is for sure, when Anubis and Horus are around, it's never boring.

Ra: No one knows who Ra really is or where the Powermid chose him. He's the most serious member of the team to the point of being nearly emotionless. Ra doesn't care for the humor of Anubis and Horus, but once said it was their destiny to lead the team. Ra is detail oriented and highly intelligent. He is also dedicated to the team more than anyone and will fiercely defend his teammates. Anubis and Horus like to play pranks on Ra to try and get an emotional rise out of him, it never works. It is possible to make Ra angry, but that is a time for all others to clear the immediate area.

Anhur and Seker: were chosen at the same time. They are of a race called the Galaxians and the two friends were out working on a satellite station when the Powermid chose them. Anhur represents the god of war and is a powerful combatant. Seker represents the god of truth and light and is a speedster who cannot be deceived. The two friends never use their former names and have put all of their past behind them to dedicate themselves to their new role. The Galaxian military seeks them as deserters to this day. (Sorry, but I have to redraw Seker)

Isis: Rhana was a warrior woman of a distant world who was captured by the shaman of an enemy tribe. He was about to sacrifice her in a bloody ritual when the Powermid chose her and transformed her on the spot. Isis has command over anything magical to include magic itself. Anubis and Horus make it a priority to seek out anyone chosen by the Powermid to help them learn their new powers and role. Headstrong Isis, had no problem stepping into her new abilities and learning them for herself. At times, her stubborn independence keeps her form being an efficient teammate. Only Horus with his wise and ancient patience has managed to get through to her. Isis combines her warrior attributes well with the magical powers of Isis.

Bast: (needs to be drawn) Bast was an Elven maiden chosen while she traveled the stars. As the cat goddess, Bast uses luck powers to protect others and has the agility of a cat. Because of heightened senses, it's also difficult to sneak up on her. Bast is almost as fast as Seker and may use her dagger or claws in high speed combat. Still, ever the Elven maiden, Bast has a gentle and nurturing side. She's interested in Osiris, but hasn't shown him the interest yet.

Osiris: Melvin Hauck was beaten fatally by bullies and left by his broken wheelchair to die. The Powermid saved him and transformed him into Osiris. With the powers of the god of nature, he controls weather, plants and some animals. He also has better resurrection powers than Anubis and can summon the flames of the underworld. Melvin's life has changed more than any member and he still has much to learn. Going from a wheelchair to a cosmic hero has been quite a transition.
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