Sunday, February 19, 2012

Spotlight: For Black History Month

I have been asked a couple of times, by interested persons, how diverse my universe is. Did I have any black characters, or how many female characters I had. Well, today we are going to look at my African or African-American based characters. Since February is Black History Month, it's a perfect time to do it. Let's start with New York and see where we go from there.

Mugandi, The Spirit of Africa: He's the title pic for this spotlight. Mugandi summons animals spirits of Africa to fight evil. As you can surmise from the picture, he can summon an elephant or a giant snake. He can also summon a lion, or even smaller animals, even a mouse. Mugandi has some natural magics he can also use to defend himself and can communicate with animals as well (though not control them). He works with World Legion based in New York, but takes trips back to Africa to deal with his most hated of criminals, poachers.

Railroad, thug for hire: Railroad used to work for, guess what, the railroads until he became a criminal. He used his super strength to lay track, no tools needed. Now he uses a long piece of steel track like a super baseball bat. Crimelords have a tendency to arm with cool gear to help him get in the heroes way. In my novel (pending), Chaos Rising, he almost beat Blacktide to death by wearing shield gloves. That way Blacktide's disintegration aura couldn't hurt him. Nyhtwulf rescued Blacktide however and put Railroad in a coma for six months.

Polaran: I didn't get his pic done yet, but I will still tell you about him. He also works for World Legion. His power can instantly reverse any moving object at the exact same speed it was going (just in the opposite direction). As you might imagine, bullets are a bad thing to use on Polaran. He can also reverse any polarity and the hold of gravity on any person or thing. Polaran loves kids and takes a lot time for kid issues and to help the underprivileged.

Mr. Zism, Voodoo master: Hailing from Jamaica, this guy has even been to other planets and dimensions to cause trouble! He completes horrifying spells with blood. If he manages to taste a persons blood, he can control the movements of their body. If he gets a person to taste his blood, he possesses them in a trance state. Mr. Zism is loaded with dark sorcery and extremely dangerous. There are good sorcerers who put themselves on call for a sighting of Mr. Zism.

Isiiah, man of many faces: Now we travel to South Africa and meet a very dangerous man. Isiiah has a condition of multiple personalities with a twist; he actually changes into all of them. Anthony James of World Legion was captured by Isiiah and managed to discover a few of the personalities, but not all are known. Isiiah is hard to track and the most powerful crimelord of his corner of the world. Of the faces you see in the pic from left to right; Spectro, Wreckage, Isiiah, Sheila, and Smiley. Smiley is a serial killer who's too friendly for your own good.

Jaman, the ninja: You can read about Jaman in my recent spotlight about the Free Agents. He and Polaran were my first black characters.

To be a complete universe, it's important that all sorts of races and styles are represented. That's not easy, but it's a task I gladly take on. So far, I think I've been fairly successful and creating a diverse world. As always there is much more to come. Hope you enjoyed today's spotlight!
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