Monday, March 19, 2012

Firing up the Wiki!

I'm taking the advice of a few other internet pros and using a wiki for the character profiles instead of a full website. While doing a big website would be awesome, it's just not financially available right now.

Honestly, all the marketing and anti-marketing that goes on between hosting companies doesn't make it any easier, but that's for another discussion.

At Wikia, you will find the Galaxy Zento Wiki! On this wiki you will find the pics you've seen so far along with brand new full character bios. Now you can learn all about the characters you've seen. This blog will still contain information too. Short stories will be posted on occassion as time allows. Currently, I'm up to my eyeballs in projects. The front burner projects are:

Chessmen book 2
Wikia profile pages

Everything else I do has to be worked into the schedule from there. Of course, new illustrations will be posted at DeviantArt (where you can purchase magnets, postcards, and more of any art you like), Facebook, and EVERYTHING gets noted at the Facebook fanpage. Hey, that's enough cross-reference to knock out a politician!

So far I have over 20 profiles up to enjoy and comment on. Hope to see you there!
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