Saturday, March 31, 2012

Achievement! Short Story wins Honorable Mention

Writer's Journal has been doing contests on short stories for four years or more (I only found till 2008 on the link I will soon post). Even so, Writer's Journal has been around for a long long time (according to back issues, 32 years!) and I hear they've always done these contests, respected amongst the writing community.

Sadly, Writer's Journal went out of business after doing the judging on the last contest that I had entered. So it's lucky for me that they did that. I won't get to see my story in a magazine (yet), but it's pretty awesome get the win I did. No small feat people! You can learn more about the mag's situation HERE.

Here is a link to the Winner's List so long as it will be there: LINK

Here is a screenshot for when it's not there anymore. And a huge congrats to all the other winners too!

As my main pic suggests, the story that won honorable mention is about the Gator, one of my Galaxy Zento Characters. It's the story of his origin. I'm not posting that story yet because we are considering the possibility of trying again to get it into magazine status. As you can imagine, no magazine will take it if it is published elsewhere.

This is a great accomplishment for my writing and for Galaxy Zento. For those who aren't following yet, I hope you will and here are all the links for the project.
This will keep growing and you can witness that for yourself! Great thanks for all of you who have clicked LIKE on the facebook page or are following this blog or twitter!

I'm going to close this with my two latest additions, Youtube videos about the characters and if you haven't seen them yet, I hope you enjoy them!

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