Monday, April 30, 2012

Profiles and more: update

So, I 've been working on the wikia pages and have a lot on there now. Still not everything and I still need to figure out how to put up some kind of menu that helps with navigation. That has me kind of stuck. However, whenever you see a notice on my facebook page, it links to the picture on the wiki, and in turn links to the profile.

I really hope that I'm making my character profiles entertaining to read. Many of them have book plans on my desk. I can only hope that by continuing to do what I do, something will come of it somewhere. Hopefully something good. For those who have commented to me on these, THANK YOU! I'm so glad that you are enjoying the show.

I'm going to post some links to the wiki pages. What you will notice in these teams pages is more links to the members of that team. Everything should be completely linked back and forth so you can navigate easily regarding every member of the team. These are the links to the Team pages so far:



The Darksiders

Jordain Family (Maestro)


Carnival of Fear

The Fables

There are a few single characters in there as well and I will have to post some updates later on them. But each team page has a full list of all members.

I'm still networking on my project both locally and on Facebook and DeviantArt. There are some places that aren't working out for that, but you can only do what you can do right? So I hope you'll check out the work at the wiki. It's still under construction but more is on the way.

I'm still brainstorming on showcase short stories. I want to work up a schedule that will mesh with my other writing. It's a juggling act but well worth while. And please note that on the wiki or here comments are welcome!
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