Friday, May 18, 2012

Meet graphic artist, Robert Beltran!

This really is a special edition of my guest artists. All it takes to be a guest artist is to draw any one of my characters from GZ, but this was different. I commissioned Rob to do a very special piece of work for me and boy did he.

This summer, we are using some vacation fun time to go to a comicon on June 22, in San Antonio. Naturally, I intend to network for my project and writing while I'm there. I'll be handing out business cards but I thought I needed just a little something more. Enter, Rob Beltran.

Big Rob, as they call him, does a lot of graphic work and you can check out his page of hats and shirts HERE. After seeing what he does to ballcaps I had an idea. I realized a King Falcon hat would be perfect to go with networking and this was just the way to do it. So I contacted Rob and tossed him some details. You can see the results!
Click on image for closer look.

Rob won't just paint hats, oh  no, he'll paint just about anything! You'll find shirts, shoes, and even a bicycle! He's done Marvel characters, Transformers, and Disney too! My hat ran me 30 bucks plus shipping (but keep in mind that prices may vary for shipping or demand). Payment is before work begins and it's WORTH IT. Paint for the hats is rubber based (I think for shirts and shoes too) so NO running colors if you're caught in the rain.

So, you can't do work like this and not be a guest artist for GZ! It's only deserving after all.  I'm telling you, if you wear ballcaps or want some really cool work on your favorite character, this is the guy to go to. Big Rob has been on for 10 years and has done hundreds of works. You can reach him at his page or on facebook.
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