Thursday, May 31, 2012

Where can you find Galaxy Zento?

The question is becoming more, "where can't you find Galaxy Zento"? Because it's spreading around.

First of all you can google it and find all sorts of links as Galaxy Zento has a decent little internet presence. Not huge, but a darn good start.

If you are on Facebook, you can see the publicly accessible fan page and we do need more people to hit the "like" button on it and show some love. Even so, we are super happy for everyone who has. Still, here is the link:

Galaxy Zento on Facebook

That's where I started posting but quickly realized that cross networking is the tool I need. To do that, I need to rub elbows with fellow artists so added to the networking list. Since there's been some happy followers on the artwork side of GZ, the artwork there is available to purchase on Postcards, mugs, posters, magnets, mousepads, and more (but not T-shirts, that's later below). So, all that art you've seen on the Facebook page? You can get it on what ever you want (that's available and fitting) on DeviantArt. Here's the link:

Galaxy Zento on

Well, someone said, T-shirts. So now some of the artwork is available on Cafe Press. Not all of it, so if you don't see what you want, you have to request it. Because Galaxy Zento will always support Autism Awareness and similar educational stances (like anti-bullying) there is a special section for awareness. One day, when I make enough to do more than just support me and GZ is real name for itself, there will be donations and more support. But you can get cards and jewelry to show your support and help educate others right there on site. Plus, I take requests! You have an idea? I'll draw it up and make it available there! Anyway, here is the link for the Cafe Press page:

Galaxy Zento at Cafe Press

Then of course you have right here on the good ol official Galaxy Zento blog. Here is where the upates are and showcase short stories. I would love to see more comments but the fact that people are reading is a very happy thing. I just hope people enjoy it. I thought about writing something here more of a series of shorts that tie together. I would love your feedback on that idea. If enough people like it, I may just do it!

Not content with just that, you can get to know the characters you see much better by checking out their profiles on the wiki! Yep, Galaxy Zento on Wikia shows profiles and soon much much more! It's a lot under construction but I do hope to get a lot more activity there soon. Anyway here is that link too:

Galaxy Zento at Wikia

And more than just the artwork, we have the bookwork. With my novels up for publishing grabs and being sent to agents, there is always hope for more to take off. I still have a lot to learn on all the sites and more art to do. I even have a request or two to bring the role playing game online somehow! Whoa.

Now, you can help GZ get around by passing on to your friends, sharing on Facebook, and linking. GZ certainly isn't ready to stop yet, we're just building up steam and momentum. There will be more to come and we hope you will be with us to enjoy it!
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