Tuesday, January 1, 2013

GZ Legends27: The Skull of Sphidra Pt 3

            Nyhtwulf felt terrible. He hoped to lead his team past the hordes of the giant spiders and hybrids to their mission. They had made it to the 7th floor when the monsters came out from apartments on all sides. With a savage roar, Nyhtwulf flew at them down one end of the hall. He phased his body through as many as he could. Bodies of human-spider hybrids fell convulsing to the floor. Nyhtwulf would not let his new friends in his new life fall to such despicable creatures.

            Electrode blasted into two doorways that opened on either side of the hall by him. Electric arcs destroyed spiders that were trying to come through those doors all at once. The hallway didn’t give him much room for his speed, but Electrode could fire arcs of lighting with deadly accuracy. It took a conscious effort to keep control without giving in to the terror around him. He let the fear fuel him for the mission. He forced the monsters back into those two rooms and the air smelled of charred flesh. The killing tore at his heart. He knew his team had no choice. The fiend behind all of this was the true murderer.

            Atomizer helped Blacktide at the back of the group.

            “Here!” Atomizer shouted and he gestured with both hands down the hall. Walls exploded from mental command, fragmenting arachnid bodies.

            Blacktide followed up with a wide disintegration blast that left little in its wake. A few more spiders came from the holes they made in the walls. Those were more easily dealt with as Blacktide used his new-found control for near pinpoint accuracy.

            Thanks to the powers of his friends, Agent Redeagle only had to keep couple of spiders away from Dreamseer. Once they regrouped and the tide of spiders had been forced back, he looked to Nyhtwulf.

            “This is nuts, can’t you just teleport us to the roof?”

            “I sense too many things in the way. To take all of you would be too dangerous,” Nyhtwulf said.

            “Take me up,” Electrode offered, “I’ll clear the roof once you’re clear and you can come back for the rest.”

            “Yes, I can do that and even better,” the lupine beings eyes lit up with a new idea, “Use your energy through me!”

            “Huh?” Electrode wasn’t expecting that.

            “You will not harm me. I channel energy and can enhance yours for maximum effect.”

            “Just believe him on that, okay?” Blacktide said, “More of these things are coming so let’s get this plan moving.”

            “Okay, take me!” Electrode said.

            Nyhtwulf grabbed onto Electrode’s shoulders and the two of them vanished. They appeared, slightly hovering over the rooftop. For a moment, Electrode gasped at the sight of swarming creatures, but Nyhtwulf snapped him out of it.

            “Now,” Nyhtwulf said.

            “You sure?”

            “Do it!” Nyhtwulf almost growled at him but caught himself, not wanting to show a mean side to his new friends.

            Electrode performed exactly like he had down in the street with a bright and powerful display. This time he felt no drain. Nyhtwulf channeled the nuclear electric assault and magnified it. Spider bodies flew away into the darkness, clearing the entire roof area instantly. Nyhtwulf set Electrode on the roof to keep any more from gathering before he could return. In moments, Nyhtwulf reappeared with the group. Dreamseer was unconscious.

            “She was bit,” Redeagle explained, “They came back in force. Nyhtwulf was just in time for us.

            “I must heal her, but it will take me a few minutes,” Nyhtwulf said, “More are coming up.”

            Electrode gazed out across the tops of the buildings. He could see the crisscross of webs reflecting the city lights. There were thousands of them. Distant shadows shifted as more spiders moved in on their prey. Without any more hesitation, Electrode started firing lightning out across the webs, sending more charred bodies on a long fall. Blacktide and Atomizer joined him. Destroying the web lines seemed like an easy idea, and it started out that way. Amazingly, new ones almost instantly took their place. As the beasts came near, the three pulled no punches and gave no quarter. While Redeagle stood guard over Nyhtwulf and Dreamseer, they made sure that not a single spider made it back onto that rooftop.

            For a brief moment, they thought all of the spiders were dead. They just weren’t coming any more.

            “What’s going on?” Blacktide asked, “Does anyone see them?”

            “Where’d they go?” Atomizer glanced around the roof edges, “No way we got them all.”

            Electrode surged lightning out across the webs, providing a momentary view. The spiders were falling back, almost like a strategic retreat. “Now why are they doing that?” Electrode asked.

            Web lines to the roof pulled taut as a greater shadow began to appear. This spider dwarfed all others and held the teams gaze in awe. Its leg span was easily 80 feet across and the legs were as thick as telephone poles. Those legs held up a massive arachnid body with a human male torso extending from the front. It had one humanoid arm for the right side. The left arm was in form of a mandible. It looked as though it were in the midst of a transformation. On the head of the humanoid extension was the very thing they were sent for. Whoever this was, he wore the Skull of Sphidra.
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