Tuesday, January 15, 2013

GZ Legends 31: Down Time

            Now that the heroes had claimed two of the lost artifacts, they took advantage of rest time. The indicator could go off at any moment, so time was precious. Sandstorm decided to ask questions of Dr. Vampire that he’d always been curious about.

            “So you really are a vampire?”

            “Yes I am,” Dr. Vampire answered.

            “So you drink people’s blood and turn into a bat or wolf?”

            Dr. Vampire chuckled, “I drink the blood of an alien creature from a distant planet. It sustains me more than anything on Earth could. I’ve never changed into any animal. I can become intangible and use some limited hypnosis. But I am a vampire and I do have a scale of evil within me that I must control. If I don’t, I reduce myself to a feral state. It’s quite dangerous.”

            “How do you control it?”

            “I have help. Dreamseer can help me if needs be. My team knows what to do.”

            “That’s very interesting. Sorry if I’m out of line.”

            “Not at all. I don’t mind curiosity, Sandstorm. Curiosity is part of what led me to become a doctor.”

            “What are you a doctor of?” Sandstorm couldn’t contain his own curiosity at this point.

            “Exobiology, paranormal sciences, parahuman abilities, and I’m a surgeon.”

            “I don’t think I understand all that, but it sounds impressive.”

            “It helps me get the job done,” Dr. Vampire shrugged.

            “So, do vampires really pass on their traits by biting people?”

            “They can. I can. But I won’t. There are two kinds of vampires that require blood. There are inherited types, born as vampires and those who are turned into them. I was turned by Dracula himself.”

            “No way.”

            “Yes. He’s real and commands a fleet of starships.”

            “Dracula is an alien?”

            “Naturally. They came to our world long, long ago and found humans to be superstitious and quite tasty. They didn’t want to attract more otherworldly attention so several established themselves here and fed off of the people. They developed rules in order to keep their cover. Rules like having to go somewhere else after getting a stake in the heart or being tricked into sunlight.”

            “Those things don’t kill a vampire?”

            “No they don’t. But they needed man to stay superstitious and fearful as much as possible. So there was some give and take. Most were too afraid to look close enough to see that the vampire just changed location and maybe even their looks a little. A stake through the heart is about worthless with their level of regeneration.”

            “What a unique history lesson, Doctor.”


Anubis and Nightfall went to the rooftop.

            “I thought you were dead, twice now. I don’t know what I’d do if someone else died near me like that. Especially if I couldn’t bring them back the way I did.”

            “You know, all the danger is part of the job.”

            “Well, maybe you could help Commander Larratus?”

            “Oh and just be his secretary?”

            Anubis thought fast, “No. No, I don’t mean that. I just worry is all. I like you.”

            “I like you too, Jackal Boy, but I am going to do my job. I’m sure with you there to protect me, I’ll be just fine.”

            “Yeah, you got that right.”

In the break room, Atomizer sat down across from Dreamseer with his salami sandwich. The Elven woman opened up a parcel that contained green looking brownie-like items.

            “What are those?” he asked.

            “You probably couldn’t pronounce their Elven names but they are what you might call brownies or cakes made with plant proteins. I’m vegetarian.”

            “Oh,” Atomizer looked down at his meat sandwich, “Oh, um, okay, I hope you don’t mind…”

            She leaned forward a little, “Why no, I don’t mind if you eat my friends.”

            Atomizer stammered and suddenly couldn’t form any words.

            Dreamseer laughed, “Oh relax! I’m just messing with you. It’s just so funny how people get so sensitive because of my diet.”

            “Oh yeah, well you had me going there.” Atomizer took a healthy bite and Dreamseer stared at him blankly for a moment before she burst out laughing again.

            “Ah, you got me again,” he shook his head. “So is there a mister?”

            “No, I don’t have a husband or boyfriend,” she smiled, “But, I’m sorry, I don’t date humans.”

            Atomizer nodded still feeling very awkward and she laughed again.

            “You just got me again didn’t you?”

            “Yes, I’m sorry, I’m picking on you but I don’t mean ill of you. You’re funny.”

            “So you do date humans?” he smiled.

            “I have in the past,” she smiled back.

“Far out, well, maybe when this is over you’d like to get a drink somewhere? I mean, it’s the least you could do for ribbing me here isn’t it?”

            “You think I owe you a date? Is this how you pick up human women?”

            “Is it working?”

            “Maybe,” she smiled mischievously and finished her cakes.

            In another area of the building Traveler spoke with Lonestar.

            “I could really be of more use if I were on a mission or two directly,” she held out her staff and it ignited into mystical flames. She watched them dance across its surface.

            “You know if something happens to you we’re stuck. I’m sure you’ll get to hit someone or something with that stick of yours before this is all done.”

            “It’s the fire staff of the Lord High Druid.”

            “Well, it’s just a burning stick to me, but it is a powerful burning stick. I’ll give it that.”

            She commanded the flame go out. “Well, it’s really boring sitting around here listening to that Commander Larratus guy go on and on. He never stops complaining and he’s really abrasive.”

            “You’ve put up with worse. Come on, you trust the Doc right?”

            “Of course I do.”

            “Okay then, let’s just do our jobs and make right in the universe. Let’s get these artifacts back to the museum and call it a day.”

            “I know. You’re right.”

            Back in the conference room the indicator beeped to life. Two more artifacts were active. It was time to split up again.

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