Tuesday, September 24, 2013

GZ Legends 67: All Aboard!

After Nyhtwulf vanished, Galose had everyone put a hand on his armor to transport them away from the White House disaster area. When they appeared at the new location, everyone except Galose looked around at the interior of his ship in surprise.

            “This is not the office.” Atomizer said.

            “No. It is my ship. It is the fastest way to get on board the Rotanian vessel in orbit.” Galose said.

            “A little warning would have been good.” Redeagle stated.

            “I apologize. I thought we were all in agreement of our next objective.”

            “No problem.” Sandstorm said. “Let’s get to it. Clearly the Rotanians are in control of the force that’s blocking out the sun. Every day that continues, the world weakens. Without sunlight, eventually, everything will die.”

            Galose sat down at the controls and put his hands on the armrests. “All of you should find a place to secure yourselves.”

            While there was no steering apparatus and Galose didn’t touch any switches, the ship powered on and lifted away from the New York rooftop.

“My armor interfaces with my ship.” Galose explained, anticipating a question.

            “Far out.” Electrode said.

            Sandstorm sat in the co-pilot’s seat while the others scrambled for a spot on two narrow benches. They couldn’t tell if the metal planks were for sitting on or not and there were no harnesses or seat belts. Fortunately, the ship flew smoothly enough, that they weren’t tossed around very much. Anubis held Nightfall in his arms and she stayed there.

            Nightfall and Galose were the only ones with any real experience dealing with Rotanians. They knew, sneaking aboard a command vessel was like following a dragon into its lair.

            Nightfall looked up at Anubis. “Hey.”

            “Hey what?”

            “This is the most dangerous thing we’ve done so far. I want you to be careful.”

“Aw, don’t worry.” Anubis gave a toothy grin like only the head of a jackal could. “We’ve got this. They’ll never know what hit them.”

            “I hope you’re right.” Nightfall put her head against his armored chest. “But chances are, they’ll know the moment we’re on board.”

            “Then we won’t have to waste time looking for them.” Anubis said.

            “I know what my targets will be.” Atomizer said. “I can knock out a whole mass of them.”

            “I’m glad you’re feeling better.” Redeagle said. “Just make sure you don’t blast us all out into space.”

            “Thanks for the new worry.”

            “Hey, maybe could just have Atomizer blow their ship up?” Electrode suggested.

            “That would not be a good idea.” Galose said. “Starship technology is volatile. Destroy their ship in the wrong way and you risk a cataclysm across half your planet. Their vessel is too close. Here, see it for yourself.”

            “Wow.” Sandstorm said. “I’ve never seen anything that big.”

            The world’s largest aircraft carrier couldn’t hope to compare to the Rotanian flagship, floating in space before them. It’s length would be worth 30 of the great ships, end to end. Nightfall gasped at the sight of it.

            “Galose, is that what I think it is?”

            “Yes. That is the Maker’s own command ship. It’s the largest of the fleet.”

            “The Maker?” Sandstorm asked.

            “The Maker is the creator of the Rotanians. He’s a planetary conqueror and murderer.” Galose explained.

“Can they see us?” Electrode asked.

            “No. They cannot track Cyborian technology. However, once we are on board, we will all be in extreme danger. It is important that we have our mission parameters before I teleport us into the storage section I have located.”

            “Oh, so you found us a locker to hide in?” Atomizer said.

            “It is far larger than a locker by your definition. We will be safe for only a few seconds more than anywhere else.” Galose said. The Cyborian turned his head to view Sandstorm’s face. “What do you want to do?”

            Sandstorm looked out the window and nodded. “I want to shut that shield down and destroy that ship.”

            “Destroying it will difficult.” Galose activated a holographic display of the ship over the console. “If you can make your way to the highlighted section toward the back end or aft of the craft, you will find the engines and power units. Destroy the engines, but do not breach the power units’ enclosures. You, Sandstorm, and your partner, Electrode are best suited for this task. I will go to the bridge, destroy the controls for the shield and activate the Maker’s emergency protocols.”

            “What are those?” Sandstorm asked.

            “Teleportation systems for the ship. I will also reroute their systems to far away from here.”

            “And what do the rest of us do?” Redeagle asked.

            “As much damage as possible, while making your way to the engine room on separate paths.” Galose explained. “We will all meet there where I can remove us all from the ship before it departs.”

            Galose set some controls on his ship and stood up.

            “Two of you will need better weapons.” Galose walked over to a panel and it slid open for him. He pulled out two rifle type weapons similar to what he carried in his forearms. He handed one to Nightfall. “Do you know how to use this?”

Nightfall smiled as she took it. “A metron rifle. I sure do! I’ll show Redeagle how to use the other one.”

            “They do look impressive.” Redeagle said.

            “Oh, they are.” Nightfall said.

            “Since most of us already have partners, we’ll be in teams of two except for Galose.” Sandstorm said. “Don’t lose your partners. And, Galose, are you sure you’re okay with going to the bridge alone?”

            “I believe the Earth expression is, ‘all in a day’s work’.” Galose said flatly.

            “I think I can get the hang of this now.” Redeagle said. “I’m ready if the rest of you are.”

            In a flickering of lights and without another word, all of them found themselves in a room full of metal crates. Galose pointed to a wide sliding door.

            “Through that door, we will be fighting for our lives.”
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