Wednesday, September 4, 2013

GZ Legends 64: Heads are gonna blow!

  For Atomizer, having that rifle in his face was one of those moments in time that seemed to never end. All at once the need for survival was met with the possibilities of using his power on alien technology. The memory of losing control days ago, when he made an alien weapon explode’ surfaced like a demon in his mind. He could see his reflection in the face plate of the Rotanian robot soldier. He knew one idea would have to trump the other for him to live.

            Close proximity was one thing that didn’t really matter for Atomizer’s combustive power. He could control the direction of any blast he created. When the Rotanian’s head exploded, it did so in a direction straight behind it, taking out another robot nearby. Seeing that he could hit the machines without destroying half a city block, Atomizer flew into action.

            “Get down and stay down!” He cried out to the nearby human soldiers.

            He lashed out, targeting Rotanian heads, chests, and arms while dodging stray rifle blasts. The chain of explosions was like rapid fire cannon shots. Even from a distance they made people’s ears ring. Fragments of robot fell on the immediate area like rain. As Atomizer went, he snatched up one of the Rotanian rifles. Finding it had no trigger mechanism or way he could operate it, he tossed it aside.

            Atomizer triggered his power on multiple targets, keeping any robot more than 10 feet away. He stayed on the move, avoiding every shot that came his way.

            Redeagle would have been impressed with his partner if he had time to look. The 7 foot tall agent made for quite a target. He had to keep forcing his way through the ranks of murderous robots with the broken tank barrel. Thanks to his strength, Redeagle was able to knock aside two or three robots with each swing. Unfortunately, they were made of tough materials, and Redeagle didn’t have powers that could finish them so easily. That didn’t stop him from pummeling them endlessly though.

As a robot moved in behind Redeagle, Nyhtwulf swooped in and grabbed the end of the Rotanian rifle as it went off. The energy blast channeled through Nyhtwulf’s body and came out his other hand that was against the Rotanian’s head.

“Thanks!” Redeagle said as he continued fighting.

Nyhtwulf nodded and flew back into action. Not far away, Anubis was trying new combat methods. After taking a couple of hits, the Egyptian hero realized these weapons were stronger than the ones used by Professor Zombie’s henchmen. He learned that he needed to dodge more. As Anubis ran into the midst of several robots, he swung his lance and created a wide pulse of cosmic energy that threw robots in every direction. He jabbed his bladed lance through a Rotanian’s head and ripped it off, throwing into the chest of another one. It felt good to really cut loose and use his powers on things that could feel no pain. Unlike Zombie’s henchmen, these were not missing people. These were not someone’s loved ones turned into killers. These were just stupid robots.

“When I find out who made you guys, I’m going to have to thank him for the practice!” Anubis taunted.

“Oh, he’s such a rookie!” Nightfall grumbled from her covered location where she continued to shoot at Rotanians. She couldn’t help but love Anubis’s innocence as a new hero, but she worried for his lack of experience. She resolved to keep an eye on him, but there was something troubling her. She liked Anubis very much, but she wasn’t sure about falling in love with him. It wasn't that long ago that he lost Ella in the desert.

None of the Rotanians could get close to Blacktide who was assisted by Galose. The two of them were shooting down Rotanians left and right.

“Don’t get too close to me.” Blacktide said.

“You need not worry. My sensors know how far your disintegration field is extended. I have set my own combat shields to help cover you. Now let’s see who can shut down the most Rotanians.” Galose said.

“You know these things?”

“Yes. They are what you might call, mortal enemies of my people.”

“You’re going to have to explain that to us when we’re done with this.” Blacktide said as he erased the torso of a robot that ran towards them.

“I will.” Galose’s systems multi-targeted and he continued to fire any and all of his weaponry at his targets.

Electrode caused chain linked explosions of robots with his nuclear electric assault. At high speeds, faster than their weapons could target, he raced through the battlefield. He ran the entire length of the White House property back and forth. On each pass, he would eliminate a dozen opponents. The mass numbers of their assailants worried him. How many could there be? From his view, he could almost take time to count them. What he saw, the others didn’t have time to notice. Rotanians were continuing to appear as they were defeated. Electrode managed to destroy several right after they arrived, but more soon replaced them. As he ran, he also intercepted any flying rifle shots that hovered almost motionless around him. Thanks to that, many a fired enemy shot, never found its mark. There was no time for him to report what he was seeing. Running and fighting were all Electrode could do.

Amidst it all, like a giant toddler throwing a tantrum with his toys, was Sandstorm in the form of a giant. Stone, wood and Earth made up the humongous form that grabbed up robots in heaping handfuls and smashed them together above the White House lawn. Then he brought down the debris in heavy fists that thundered against the ground and more mechanical bodies. The laser blasts tore away at the elemental form, but did nothing to slow Sandstorm down.

The entirety of the battle shook houses three blocks away. Light from explosions of fire lit up the darkened skies. The deafening sounds of the fight melded into an incoherent roar that threatened to never end. Yet, in all but an instant, end it did. Without warning, the heroes found themselves looking all directions for their next target. None were left standing. Finally, the Rotanians stopped appearing. The sudden silence was eerily as harsh as the earsplitting shouts of war. The friends stood, hearts pounding in their ears, wondering what was about to happen next.
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