Thursday, July 10, 2014

Character Spotlight: Halley of the Chessmen

Halley, remarkably, is the only human member of the Chessmen, but it's possible that he doesn't know this. Halley was an infant when abducted from Earth and raised by alien scientists for study. He escaped at age 18 and found himself travelling the universe. He joined a tribe of nomads that were mystified by his name. They revered him and took him on a journey to a sacred mountain to show him why. That was where he found and obtained the Halley's Comet Shield.

Halley can fly through space with the aid of the shield and smash through targets with super battering ram ability. The shield is gold with a multi-colored stone in the center. It is indestructible and can block powerful attacks. It's even block the shot of an aircraft cannon without knocking Halley backwards. It's another handy power of the shield that allows him to hold his ground when it's in front of  him. The shield also absorbs energy and stores it up for a giant powerful blast that clears enemies fast. His shield still has powers he has not discovered.

Halley is slightly hot tempered when pushed and is sometimes too ready to fight. He's partnered with Viro and they are the best of friends. Halley is proud to be a member of the Chessmen and nothing angers him more than threatening the princess or his friends. Halley is impatient to take back the home of the Chessmen and return the princess to her rightful place.

On most days, Halley has a bright and positive outlook with a good sense of humor. He misses the luminescent grasses of home and flying over the Chyssian mountains. One day he will forge the path that takes them all home.
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