Monday, July 7, 2014

Character Spotlight: Messiah!

"Faith is to believe what you do not see. The reward of this is to see what you believe." -St. Augustine

Messiah of the Chessmen is not a man with a complex, though he is a most complex man. Messiah is a hero with the power of Faith.

They say that faith can move mountains and Messiah brings this idea into beautiful action. The power of faith allows Messiah to ignore the most devastating attacks while simultaneously protecting others from the same. He's denied explosions, halted missiles in flight and even struck down a starship with a simple gesture. He has healed terrible wounds and enhanced the super powers of his friends. With the power of faith, Messiah fears nothing and practically never loses his composure. He has great strength, resistance to poison or disease, and can exist in the vacuum of space. He can fly.

He can seem stoic and proud, but his pride is not what it appears. He would tell you that his composure is simply where his faith has led him. He knows what he knows and the universe is very matter of fact to him. His is a power that cannot be copied by his teammate, Major Xeroh and cannot be blocked either. But what kind of faith is this? What does he have faith in exactly?

I will say that God does exist in Galaxy Zento. Having said that, Messiah will tell you that you are not ready to know the universe like he does. His faith is in things beyond the capability of the mind of the common life form. This doesn't mean he looks down on anyone, it's just what he knows. No one knows how he came to possess such power, but it's unquestionable in effect. Messiah's teammates simply accept it. 

Messiah is devoted to a stance against all that is evil. His power does not or has lesser effect on holy artifacts and they are his weakness. Still, Messiah is a powerful combatant with exceptional martial arts skills. It's with his powers and those of his team that the infant princess will eventually return to her throne. 
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