Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Holiday Jamboree 2014!

It's Christmas Eve and all across the GZ universe things are getting pretty festive! Some heroes use their amazing powers to bring even more color and joy to the season. Some give gifts like only they know how! On Earth we find PAC and friends sharing in Christmas spirit!

Sandstorm is the one guy who can BE the tree! He visits disabled children over the holidays and lets them decorate him. Fun for all ages! What does he want for Christmas? Sandstorm has a model car collection that impresses the most hard core collectors. The rarer the car the better, but he'll take anything.

Need someone to power the lights? Electrode powers a full light show at Rockefeller center every year. His favorite gift to give? Rechargeable batteries of course! He's a comic book collector with over 30,000 books. He doesn't care what the story is, he just loves comic books. So comic paraphernalia is at the top of his wish list.

Nyhtwulf wants nothing but cream cheese squares in foil since its his favorite treat; but Blacktide has been getting him into classic movies. Nyhtwulf's favorite holiday activity is shredding wrapping paper.

Anubis and Horus are the tricksters to watch out for because you never know what a gift box from them may contain. They once created a peanut butter bomb for King Falcon. Thank goodness for instant cleaning from cosmic powers!

In the deep south, the Gator decorates his own corner of his swamp for the holidays. He holds on to the festive nature known in the south near New Orleans and might even let a guest or two come to visit. All Gator really wants is peace and about 200 lbs of great Cajun eating. Who are we to say no? Would you?

And don't think for one second that there's no one under the mistletoe! Nightfall and Dreamseer are waiting for their guys to find them! Anubis and Atomizer are in for a holiday surprise of epic proportions! They better not have forgotten gifts this year!

So it really goes without saying that the whole of the GZ universe wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hannukah, Blessed Kwanza, or just a wonderful time! See you next year with the New Year's update!

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