Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year update 2015!

Plans are big for the new year! I have lots of work to get done and I've even put new deadlines in the works. In this blog you'll see some recently done artwork. Where it's used depends on "other things to come". So consider them mystery sneak peeks.

The novel, Chaos Rising is on delay. I'm hoping to have it available for February.

GZ the Boardgame: Chessmen Edition is in art stage as last reported. Deadline is set for April or early May so manufacturing has time to get it ready. Why? Because we'd like to take the game to Geekonomicon in December! We will likely have a kickstarter between now and then for the manufacturing. That means a chance to get your hands on a copy before it makes it's official debut! So stay tuned this year!

GZ Tales Volume 2 is still slated for this year. Hopefully by Summer!

Chessmen 2 is planned for late Summer or early Fall.

Lots of new artwork is coming as I update old pics and practice with new ones.

Guest Artists! Yep, I'll still do guest artists. Anyone who draws a GZ character will have it posted as the main illustration for the article and then more of their work will be showcased. I may even have the first of this year for next week!

Other books in planning are, The Arconian Chronicles and the yet untitled book that will follow Chaos Rising. So much story history, so little time!

I really am excited about the new year. It looks like there's going to be a lot happening and lots to build towards. With some effort and a bit of luck, we'll be set up for and explosive 2016! Always forward!
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