Friday, January 30, 2015

Guest artist Darren McCay!

I love doing the guest artist spots so I can showcase independent talents from all over. Today we go to Northern Ireland and hear from artist Darren McCay. Just check out the recent work he did on my character, Falconer from my first novel.

Darren's work has a retro feel that can take you back to the golden age of comics but certainly is not limited in any way. Strong lines, colors and proportions tell a story with every pic he does. I sent him some interview questions and his answer was so concise that I don't want to break it up into the question segments. So here's Darren:

Cheers, Dave. I've been drawing superheroes since I was 5 and I'm 44 now. I'm a family man with two teenagers (the daughter, Brogan, is a world champion Irish dancer). 
I'm working on my own story called Icons which is a superhero epic spanning decades from the "birth" of the classic superhero to the near future. I've been reading comics all my life and I think I've come up with something original.

With this story I intend to do the opposite of say, Watchmen and construct the superhero from the ground up and make them relevant in the modern world. The emphasis of my story is on symbolism and iconography . Every hero must wear a unique symbol and keep their identity secret as it is integral to the survival of the heroes. I can't really say much more about the story but I will be doing a stand alone intro story which will lay the foundations and give an overall insight into the Icons universe. So far I've created about 60 heroes though many will just be peripheral characters. I need to fill each decade so there my be more before I'm done. My favourite character is Vanguard, my Superman analogue , although there is far more to him than you would think. My main problem is finding the time to draw as I have a day job but I should get something out in the near future.

I think it sounds like an amazing story line. I certainly wish him all the possible luck! Now check out these works of his.
Strong and expressive here. You can feel the action. Eye expression conveys powerful emotion and posing just makes the whole thing pop.

Be sure to add his Facebook fan page HERE
Nothing says cool like solid pencil work! Follow that link to his page and take a tour. Be on the look out for Icons! It looks to be a heck of a story.
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