Saturday, April 11, 2015

Boardgame Kickstarter Rewards by Level!

Here it is, folks! 8 levels of Kickstarter rewards so you can plan ahead! I just sent out the written agreement to TheGameCrafter and once they respond, it will be GO TIME! Till then, check out what you can get for each level. Everyone gets their name on a thank you list that will either be on the bottom of the box or back of the rulebook.

1: 10 Dollars:  I know not everyone can unload on this so there is just this little level. You get an 11x6 signed artwork. What pic will it be? Not totally sure yet. I'm thinking about conducting a vote.

2: 20 Dollars: This will net you the signed artwork mentioned above and a signed copy of the novel: Chessmen: Opening Moves. I know what people are really after though, and that's a copy of the game. Well, that's next.

3: 50 Dollars: You get the art and novel and of course a signed copy of the game itself! This is the sweet spot! But it does get better than this.

4: 75 Dollars: Now we add a magnet, book of short stories, and a PC expansion booster. The PC Expansion has 18 additional Player Characters that you can be at random for the game. Be an Assassin, Faerie, Superhuman, Minotaur and many others. Of course, the art, game and novel will be signed. I can sign the wrapper on the expansion cards if you want and I'm open to signing requests if you want certain items signed. The magnets are too small to sign but very colorful and cool!

5: 100 Dollars: All of the above and another expansion bonus. It's the Kickstarter Bonus Deck. It's packed with 36 cards to enhance the main deck for game play. Characters, beasts, artifacts, powers and more that you can't get any other way. This deck will not be available for sale past the kickstarter, while some cards may show up in future expansions.

6: 150 Dollars: All of the above and a signed mousepad with GZ artwork on it. Again, what art has yet to be decided. I assure you, everything will look sharp!

7: 200 Dollars: Again, you get the whole pile from above but there's a new addition. A custom Player Character card all your own! Limit of 50 custom cards! You can even send me your own artwork to put on it! Want to use your old DND character? No problem! Want your own homemade superhero? No problem! I don't want to get into copyright trouble though, so no copyrighted material unless it belongs to you personally.

8: 500 Dollars:  The final tier lands you with the books, cards, mousepad, game, and the rest with a very special final reward. With a limit of ten, I will make you an 18x25 acrylic painting of Galaxy Zento art. If you are wondering what kind of painter I am, just look at what I did to my son's dresser.

Naturally, 7 and 8 may have some time constraints to keep in mind. I won't be slow about it whatsoever, but still. So here you have it. I'm hoping to start things off within the next two weeks so be watching! Lots of coolness still to come! Thanks to everyone who has been sharing and following along!
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