Friday, May 8, 2015

Choose the ending: The Mastodon's Heart Pt 3

Welcome to the third installment of a story you guide. You read and you decide.

You are a renowned paleontologist and archaeologist. You are on a site that shouldn't exist, about to enter an open tunnel. You have special powers that you've kept secret so far. You have moderate super strength, telekinesis, and you get random visions. So far you've had one vision that showed the death of Professor Sigmund with Amikam stooped over him with bloody hands.

With the opening of the tunnel, you've decided you don't want to leave Professor Sigmund alone with anyone.

"I'm going in with you, Professor. I want ropes and harnesses and I'd like Jessica to stay up here and watch over the equipment." You feel far more confident in being able to protect the Professor with your abilities if needs be if you are close to him.

Jessica rushes away to gather the equipment you asked for.

"I will remain here as well." Amikam says. "I do not fit so well in tight spaces."

The tall Arabic man is right. His height could be problematic in a low tunnel. You feel fine with having both Jessica and Amikam out of the way. You put on your harness carefully while Jessica helps Sigmund with his.

"Let me just check things over." You mutter so that only the Professor hears you as Jessica walks away.  You find that, not only are his straps not tight enough, but one of them is torn halfway through. You say nothing, but rearrange the straps so there's no strain on the torn one. You personally check the anchoring on both ropes before picking up your flashlight. "Ready, Professor?"

"I am indeed, young lady."

The two of you enter the tunnel with your lamps on bright. The slope isn't as steep as it looked, so both of you find it easy to walk down. The dusty stale air makes you both feel right at home. You're further glad that Amikam didn't come in. He would have been stooping to walk. The tunnel has been carved meticulously to near smooth walls in places. It slowly begins a descent deeper into the Earth.

"How is everything?" Jessica's voice crackles on the small walkie you carry.

"So far, so good. We're in about 40 yards. There's something ahead of us."

"What is this?" Sigmund asks as his light plays across the circular stone blocking your path.

There is a defined edge around the stone, making it look like it could be a giant round door. There is a hole at the floor that's just big enough to crawl through on your stomach. You shine your light through the hole and see that it's about ten feet in a perfect cylinder shape. There are no visible levers or handles on your side.

"I think we're going to have to crawl through that hole." Professor Sigmund says.

You have a vision. It's dark, there's a loud rumbling sound and something tightens around your throat.

As you shake off the vision, unnoticed by the Professor, you wonder what you should do.

Do you crawl through the hole? Have the Professor crawl through? Or is it time to call for outside help? Think about it, and post your comment below!
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