Tuesday, December 8, 2015

GZ Tales Volume 2 Line Up!

In about 12 hours from the time I'm typing this, my fourth book should be available via Kindle/Amazon. When it's ready, I'll be doing the usual freebie book promotion to get it into folk's hands. Today, I'd like to give you the line up of what's happening in this edition of stories.

Volume 2 has 10 stories with some new characters and familiar faces too. Let's check them out by title and in order as they appear in the book.

London Fables: The taunting letter to police claims that 100,000 people are going to die. Is it a terrorist threat or just a diversion to something more sinister? Federal agents, Blacktide and Nyhtwulf will face off with a criminal crew called the Fables to find out. You'll wonder at a crime boss who calls himself, Mother Goose.

Anubis and Horus: The Castle of the Demon King: The cosmic duo are back! This time they are sent on a mission to rescue a captured Starknight. This pits them in a new villain's cruel game for entertainment. Meet Maestro! His debut is only the pre-beginning of what he has in store for GZ heroes! Anubis and Horus will never forget this.

Shadowplay: Someone is practicing a special and gory craft of killing on New York's homeless population. Federal Agents, Anthony James (from Chaos Rising) and Panther Steele seek a killer with "a knife in his smile". What they discover will challenge their combat skills and raise concern of future threats.

Appetites for Power: The whole Southern crew is back! Percival and Vicky meet back up with the Gator. When word comes that Amon Le Fey is still alive, they journey back to Gator's swamp. But Gator's hands may be full with a new enemy of his own! Enter Coven's newest weapon, the Piranha! A super speed cannibalistic killer with alligator on the menu!

Brother Whale: Killer Whale is the last of his kind and living on Earth. He's taken to being a protector of the seas. When he learns that whales of Earth are being poached and killed, he decides to take action the only way a sea faring hero can! You're going to love justice dished out like this!

The Fist of Allah: A hero from the Middle East reveals himself on a rescue mission. A terrorist regime has taken hostages and the Fist isn't standing for it. These terrorists are about to get a major lesson in right and wrong!

A Day in the Life of a Psychic: The Elven telepath, Dreamseer returns to Earth (after Chaos Rising) to visit. In her casual stroll through the city, she takes heroism to a new and unexpected level. All in a day's work? We'll see!

Return of the Demon: Demonjack makes a fiery and rage filled return at a medical center. Can Sandstorm and Electrode contain him before lives are lost? There's fire, wind and lightning in a showdown of epic proportions.

The Falcon and the Kestrel: Finally the full story of how King Falcon and Lord Kestrel became the enemies they are today. This is the precursor of stories to come. Learn the historic tale that will be passed down for generations on planet, Arconia.

The Fight in the Dog: Introducing, Dolphin Man! When you can shapeshift into any combination of animals, you can do almost anything. When investigating a dog fighting ring turns up something even more  heinous, this hero will become anything to get the job done right! Just don't let him near your cell phone.

There you have it. 10 tales of heroism that you will just have to dig into for yourself. Some do tie in to prior stories in Volume 1, so if you haven't read it, be sure to grab it! Just click on my "Author Page" link in the upper right or on the "Shop Now" button on Facebook! Happy reading!
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