Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

And the turkeys are nervous. Hey, it's not our fault that they're delicious is it?

Lots of things going on as always. Special things are at the top of my list. Things like character dedications to my kids. I've been planning this for a long time now. I've only got two of them done but why not share them? They will be in upcoming stories in various places.

First, I'll start with my eldest daughter and the character for her is Celestia the Starknight. Starknights get blessed creature companions that are indestructible. They don't go down unless the knight they are bonded to does first. Starknights are also cosmic and can use limited scale energy blasts. Their swords have a shuriken on either side of the hilt that can be used as projectile weapons or to signal for assistance. The red loin cloth is a symbol of achievement, stature, and honor. Only a few Starknights have them. She shows up in my upcoming book, GZ Tales Vol 2. She doesn't have a huge part to play yet, but it's coming.

Next is dedicated to my second eldest daughter and this is Shiva Dyani. Shiva is a rank among the race of warrior women known as Cherifaun. The dragon tattoos are blessed to give physical protection and her katana can slice through about anything. The color of the dragons indicates rank so there is no confusion as to who is in charge. A Shiva answers only to the Empress and any Princesses. Dyani is a warrior woman all the way and then some. She has super strength to top of master of combat skills. When she shows up in the stories there will be no mistake of who she is.

I have two more that will be showing up, but I'm not giving that away just yet.

I mentioned GZ Tales Vol 2 above. There are only a few edits needed before the book can be put together and the proof copy ordered. I was hoping to have it ready for Christmas, but it looks like January will be the earliest possibility.

It's holiday time and that means time with family and close friends (what ever works best for you) and reflection on the year prior. It's time to mercilessly stuff ourselves and then fall into food comas. I hope everyone out there has a wonderful holiday week.
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