Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I'm doing art commissions: See what I'll do for you!

My Godfather as a werewolf
I'm writing this blog to share around my open commission status. What you see here are works I have done for others and can do for you too. I have few limits, but what you see of my style is what it is.

I use photo models that you provide (or that I search for in case of celebrity tributes) and mixed media to put together colorful and fun portraits.  I have a comic book style and I use bright lively colors (muted on request).  Once complete and paid for, your work will be emailed to you and you can take it to Snapfish or vistaprint to have a print ordered for you. You may post it where you wish of course. It will be YOURS.  My base charge is 20 dollars.  Here are some things I can do for you:

A friend's family as GOT
-Your DnD character (with your face on it if you want) with a fun background
-You or a loved one with a background that fits interests, this can include pets
-A fantasy picture of your choosing
-You as a superhero or other character type
-Celebrity tribute picture and yes you can be in it.
-pet or animal pic

Any combination of the above or hit me with your own idea. Don't know what you want but know you want something for a loved one? Talk to me. I can help.

20 dollars covers up to two people in a picture, additional people are 10 dollars each. I'll do an extra pet for free. I've been known to add animals for effect for no charge.

I do my work on 8x12 at 300dpi for best effect on portraits unless you give me specific ranges.

Avatar work with stock images
Other work I will do: Avatars for website with specific pixel measurements, 15 dollars.
Banner for your web page with specific measurements, 20 dollars. For these I use stock images as well as my drawing to put together what you want.

I do not do special effects like animation or gifs

REVISIONS POLICY: Read this part very carefully.  I will make up to 3 revisions before I start charging you extra for the time. That will be 10 dollars for every 3 revisions I do starting at the 4th. It is 10 dollars whether you only want one more revision or a total 3. That's for MINOR revisions. Major revisions are subject to scrutiny of price but will cost a minimum of 10 dollars.

NO FETISH OR PORN. I will turn you down flat.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone (usually based on abusive attitude) to the point of complete refund.

So, in order to make your order contact me at or on my Facebook page Dave Wilde. Tell me what you want.

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