Friday, June 8, 2012

Galaxy Zento wants YOU!

This is what is about to happen.

Many of you have been reading the Showcase Short stories and I thank you.  Now to step it up a notch.

Starting this weekend I will be posting a short story series I'm calling GZ Legends. I plan to post a part 3x a week.

And we need YOU to help it get around. Share links, share on facebook, give it a twitter tweet, email it, whatever it takes. We need to make some noise! Can you make some noise?

We need to see likes climbing on the Facebook page. If you "liked" Galaxy Zento, make sure to pass it around. Make sure to check it out regularly because the kid gloves are OFF.

Yesterday we recieved a response from an agency checking out the Chessmen novel and Galaxy Zento. While they wrote they were highly impressed with the world building of both, they still had to decline.  What's awesome about this is that I made them take about four extra weeks to struggle with that decision. That tells me I'm doing something right and it's time to light a big ol bonfire with this. You can help!

Not only do we need the likes on the facebook page, but COMMENTS! We want your interactivity, right here on this blog and right on the facebook page! Chime in and be active with us!

Where does Galaxy Zento really expect to go?

Current goals are as follows!

1: Publish at least one series of novels (but more are in writing phase and planning right now!) and currently that's the Chessmen series. Unlike GZ Legends, you will only see excerpts of the Chessmen.

2: Publish several games based on the GZ universe. This includes a revision of the current role playing game (which may be tested ONLINE in post by post format) and a card game.

3: Graphic Novels are on the table for discussion but require more from an artist that I am capable of. So that is in idea stage.

4: Circulate to all of you and go the convention circuit with even more cool products to show off for GZ and all it's original characters and alien races.  This includes Gencon, Dragoncon, Wizard cons, and Comicons.

5: Finally, I want to do good things with Galaxy Zento to give back. That's why I will be contacting Autism agencies and offering the support of Galaxy Zento and it's creator (me). I don't know what that will entail right now, but I'm going to do it.

For some of this, I'm sure I'm going to be needing a new Galaxy Zento team of people willing to put into this as it's built. So be watching. And even if that doesn't happen, I'll be right here building!

Products and T-shirts are already available and will help support efforts of Galaxy Zento.

So watch closely, and remember, you will want to know what happens next!
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