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GZ Legends 4: War and Powers

Agent Redeagle
Previously we met Anubis who heads for New York City and Agent Redeagle who races for his downtown office in the darkness. (To find out what you missed, read GZ Legends 1-3).

A few miles from Ray Redeagle, at a police precinct, cars crashed and people screamed. Police scrambled to care for the wounded and try to clear a path for ambulance assistance.The street lights started to turn on, delayed from a shock to the system. Confusion and terror ran amok. The police struggled to restore order. The most veteran officers had never seen anything like this before. Certainly they knew how to handle blackouts, but this was of a very different kind.

And Death moved with them
            In the alleys across from a precinct, several black vans parked. A few moments after darkness struck, the doors of the vans popped open. Men in dark leather motorcycle outfits complete with helmets spilled out of them carrying strange guns that looked more like toys. They moved quickly through the darkness toward the precinct. Through the visors on their helmets they could see their targets clearly. Beams of light suprised officers and victims, tearing through bodies. Officers returned fire but the helmets were bullet proof and bullets had no effect anywhere else. 

     While officers screamed orders to each other, these men said nothing but pressed forward firing their strange weapons. Bulletproof vests offered no protection, nor did doors or walls. Police cars exploded and soon the men were inside the police department. At this point, the department’s SWAT team was moving in from the back of the building with heavier weaponry. Their weapons proved just as useless and they were mowed down with minimal effort. The mixture of weapons fire and screams could be heard blocks away. The suited men searched every floor and shot everyone they could find. They even killed prisoners in the jail. Once all their targets were dead, the men quietly and quickly left the building. They vanished away into the darkness.  


            Before the darkness happened, people at the Statue of Liberty marveled and pointed. Anubis hovered high above them all. He was lost in thought and amazement at how fast he flew across the ocean, arriving with the morning sun. A strange person flying through the air wasn't  particularly new for the world, but Anubis was very new. People wondered; hero or villain? The sudden darkness snapped Anubis out of his stupor along with screams from below.

            “A great terror,” he thought. He heard crunching metal and a scream. Without hesitation, he dove down to the sounds of panic below. He didn’t even pause to give thought to the fact that he could see very well in the darkness.

            “Somebody help me! My baby is trapped!”

             In the panic a car had crashed and jumped its front end on top of a concrete post, trapping a baby in a stroller underneath it. The baby was fine, but the car teetered dangerously over the infants head. Anubis rushed over to the mother and grabbed the front of the car. He lifted it so the mother could take her baby to safety.  He shoved the car away and turned his attention to the stroller. The top of its bars and frame were twisted and bent. The baby had indeed survived a close brush with death.  He grasped it and the bars became softer and molded back into their original form. He stared at his hands in stunned amazement. Yet another amazing gift, how many did he have? He gave the mother the stroller. More people panicked around him. He raised his hand and emitted a bright light to allow them to see and hopefully calm them. A crowd immediately formed around him.

            “Hey, mister, are you a hero?”

            “What’s happened to the sun?”

            “What’s your name?”

            Anubis felt a little overwhelmed. “Please, one at a time. I don‘t know if I am a hero. I‘m just trying to help. No, I don’t know what is happening, but I intend to find out. I am (he paused for a moment) Anubis. Please, you must all remain calm. I will try to help you as much as I can.”

            “Hey, Mr. Anubis, what about the ferry? Do you think it will crash?” At that moment, outside lights of the ferry out on the water came on.

            “No, I think they will be okay. You should turn on your car headlights until they turn on the street lights. Now, please, stay clear, I must seek out other injured or people who need help.”

            He moved past the crowd and started to look for more injured people. He found an ambulance and a crashed car. The EMTs couldn’t get the car door open to get to the man inside. Upon Anubis’s approach, they stood back and let him put his hands on the car door. With the ease of opening a can of soda, he tore the door away. With a nod he motioned the EMTs to take action.

            “Someone please help us!” came a woman’s cry. She approached the ambulance by its whirling lights with a man whose mangled arm dripped with blood.  With only his instincts to tell him what to do, Anubis found himself placing his glowing hands on the broken arm. The arm took on a glow of its own and to the surprise of all, bones snapped back into place and lacerations sealed themselves. Color returned to the man’s face and he stared at his arm in awe.

            “Th-thank you,” he said as he flexed his arm and fingers.

            “You are welcome.” Anubis was still reeling at his assortment of abilities, but not so much that he didn’t keep going.

            “Hey, we could really use a talent like that right now,” said one of the EMTs. “This guy has a bad neck injury.”

            Anubis placed his hands on the man on the stretcher and healed him as well. “It seems I still have much to learn about my powers.”

            “You didn’t know you could do that?” the EMT asked.

            “No, but it is just as well. Bring the wounded to me. We will see to them before I try to find out what has caused this.”


From the top of a tall building in Manhattan, a regal looking man adjusted his top hat and leaned casually on his skull head cane. He appeared to be a man of meticulous grooming with scarcely a hair out place. The mustache and narrow goatee sharply distinguished him.  His tuxedo with tails made him look like a stage magician with great flair. He smiled down at the madness below.

            “What exquisite pain this has caused. I can feel the balance shifting even now.” So, with pride, he watched and enjoyed.

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