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GZ Legends 7: Recruiting the Storm

Professor Zombie
                Anubis stared with his long jaw dropped open after hearing Nightfall’s explanation of herself, “You aren’t human? You aren’t from Earth?”

            Nightfall, finding him cute, reached out and lifted his jaw shut, “I’m human, but the rest of my team are from other planets.”

            “Wow, that’s amazing. I know we get visitors from other planets, but I’ve never met any before. Where are they?”

            “Probably stuck out in space, thanks to that barrier of shadow. I came down to scout things out and I haven’t been able to reach them since,” Nightfall looked worried.

            “Well, I’m sure they’re okay. They sound like a skilled group, right?”

            Nightfall laughed again, “Yeah, they are. I’m sure they’re okay. Thanks for the thought.”

            “Well, whatever is up there is really strong. I flew up and crashed into it. It’s weird, like there’s something solid there but you can’t feel anything when you touch it.”

            “Exactly. Now if we just knew who made it, because the Professor isn't capable of that.”

            “So what do we do now? That is, if it’s okay that I join forces with you?”

            “That’s fine by me, but I think we need to find some local help. We have to find Professor Zombie, but I doubt the police will know where to find him.”

            “I may just have an idea then,” Anubis gave a toothy grin. “Do you mind if I carry you and we fly?”

            Nightfall smiled, she didn't mind at all.


            It wasn’t easy to get around, even in Atomizer’s pickup truck with four wheel drive. The streets were cluttered with cars that still needed to be moved. Progress was slow. They had to stop a few times so Redeagle could get out and shove something out of the way. They also stopped if they saw anyone in need or danger. One person was stuck in there car from an accident. Another person was pinned against a wall by a car from another accident. It took twice as long as it normally would to get from the office to the house of Lombard Ogleson.

            As they got out of the truck, Redeagle said, “You do know that there will be phone calls on you driving through people’s yards right?”

            “Sure, if they can get through. Besides, we needed to get here right? And do you think we’ll get burned under the circumstances?”

            “No. I’m just pointing it out to make sure you’re ready for it if it happens,” Redeagle said, “So, here we are. Lights are on inside. Do you want to knock or should I?”

            “Well, you know, partner, you are big and imposing and I’m more classy and refined.”

            “Oh you're funny as usual.”

            “No really, I’ll knock on the door because I’m just friendlier in appearance. You know what I mean.”

            They approached the front steps.

            “Fine, I’ll stand down here, you go ahead,” Redeagle said.

            “How about neither of you do anything?” Came a voice and the two men felt the hair on the backs of their necks stand up. Their skin tingled as a static electric charge filled the air.

            A few feet off to the left as they faced the front door, stood a young man in a blue bodysuit. He had rough blonde hair that seemed to glow as arcs of electricity danced between his blue eyes. More electricity arced around his body. Before either man could say anything, the young man vanished and appeared on the other side of them, just a couple yards away.

            “Don’t even think about moving on me or that house. I’m faster than both of you could imagine.” And to make his point, he reappeared back in the first spot he stood in.

            “Whoa, easy there, partner,” Atomizer said, showing both empty hands. “We’re here on a peaceful mission and we’re federal officers. We don’t want trouble with you.”

            “You mean you’re here to harass my friend into working for you again.”

            “Hey, look around,” Redeagle said, “The world is in serious trouble.”

            “I think we can handle whatever is out there,” the highly charged man said with a grimace.

            “It’s okay Electrode,” a new disembodied voice floated from up on the porch. The men watched as the body of Lombard Ogleson materialized out of the air. He stared down hard at Atomizer and Redeagle, “I think we can listen to what they have to say.”

            “Can we come in?” Redeagle asked, “If we could just sit down and talk, we’ll explain ourselves.”

            Sandstorm nodded and led them inside. They all found a place to sit in the living room and Sandstorm regarded them with a nod, “I know why you’re here. You’re here to recruit me because of what’s going on. Are you CIA?”

            “No, we’re FPA,” Atomizer said and produced his badge and ID.

            “Federal Protection Agency,” Sandstorm replied, “That actually makes more sense than CIA.”

            “What’s FPA for?” Electrode asked.

            “They employ people with special abilities to back up law enforcement anywhere in the country. Mostly they back up FBI and US Marshals,” Sandstorm answered.

            “That’s correct,” Redeagle said, “You know, I could say your country needs you, but I think I can save that speech. The whole world needs help. We need you and your powers to help us find out what’s going on. This situation has triggered a special protocol for recruitment of the best we can find. You and your friend, you’re a perfect start. So let’s not mess around with sales pitches and banter. Let’s get right to the question. Will you help us?”

            “I’m in if he’s in,” Electrode said, “and only if he’s in.”

            “Well, I’ve felt the damage that this is rapidly causing and there’s no doubt to me that you need help. What I don’t know is where to start, so if there’s any intel out there, we’ll need it.”

            “Our office is working on that right now,” Atomizer said. “Do you know of anyone else who could help us? We seriously need to find anyone we can. Yours was the only file we were given.”

           Sandstorm laughed, "In all of New York, they only had my file to suggest to you?" 

           "Like I said," Redeagle replied, "Only the very best or most powerful, if you prefer."

           "Well, there may be one we could talk to. He may be tough to reach."
            “Where is he?” Redeagle asked.
            “He’s in Powers Psychiatric Hospital. We should go there next.”


Anubis landed with Nightfall in an alley across from the police precinct that stood next to the FPA. It was their third stop at a wrecked police station.

            “Same attack patterns and blast marks,” Nightfall said. “This was definitely Zombie’s work.”

            “The man is a maniac,” Anubis growled and then he heard a scuff of gravel behind him.  He spun and stepped in front of the blast rifle as it went off and hit his armored chest.

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