Monday, July 23, 2012

GZ Legends 16: Crashing the Party

Redeagle and Atomizer
“Let’s see how you suckers like your own firepower,” Atomizer said as he aimed the weapon down the alleyway and fired at the front of the black van that had pulled up. Several of the suited warriors were coming out of the van and moving in. Atomizer used his power on the front of the van and blew several bodies apart as they came around the vehicle. More still stepped through the horror of that blast, ignoring their fallen comrades. Atomizer once served as a Marine sniper and kept shooting for all his skill and for their lives. It pulled at him that these were missing people and some may never be identified, but he wasn’t prepared to sacrifice himself for the sake of it.  “You doing okay back there?”

                “Fine,” grunted Redeagle, “so long as I don’t move.”

                “I’m having a great time trying to blast through their stupid helmets. I almost have to make do with blowing their legs off.”

                Out in the street behind the two vans that pulled into the alley, a man running as hard as he could, skidded to halt. He called out to the men in black helmets, “Hey! Over here, you murderers!”

                They turned and fired on him without hesitation. To his perspective, the beams from the weapons dropped to a nearly motionless speed as Electrode went into his full speed mode. He released a barrage of lightning that lit up the alleyway like the Fourth of July. Atomizer noted it from his position in the battered doorway. The jagged bursts of electricity threw the suited bodies in all directions.

                “Looks like the cavalry has arrived!” Atomizer called to his friend, but Redeagle didn’t answer.

                Atomizer turned to see an attacker coming in through the hole in the back wall. He had no time to fire. A shadow dropped in from the ceiling to his shock and roared at the attacker. The energy weapon fired into Nyhtwulf’s chest and the wolfen beings eyes flashed red before he spit the energy beam out of his mouth and through the helmeted head of the attacker. Another came in but Blacktide stalked up behind it.

                “There is no life to these beings, Larry, you may destroy them at will.”

                Blacktide put a fist through its head, disintegrating a clear path as he did.  Every moment he worked with the Twylie demon taught him something new about its powers. He wondered at points, just how safe this creature was.

                Out at the alley opening, the lightning blasts did little but slow down the several attackers left over. A sharp wind rose in the alley and in the blink of an eye it became a mini tornado. Henchmen bodies were snatched up and smashed against each other and any other solid surface nearby. Then within that whirlwind, all of them flash froze solid, much like the Vagabond a little while earlier. The twister took them all airborne  across the city to an impound yard, setting their frozen bodies down in a chain link holding area. Back on the scene, Nyhtwulf turned to Atomizer and approached him. Before anything could be said it reached down and placed a clawed hand on his broken ankle. Bones knitted and repaired. Then the winged being turned to the man impaled on the broken printing press.

                “Is he alive?” asked Blacktide.

                “Barely, but I believe I can save him.” They lifted Redeagle off the impaling metal and Nyhtwulf put his clawed hands over the wound. A great deal of blood stained the scrap metal clear to the floor and for all of Nyhtwulf’s own power in the realms of the dead, he could feel the spirit of the agent slipping away. Then the spirit suddenly surged back. He looked up and found Anubis kneeling on the other side of the fallen man’s body, helping with his own healing force. In a few more moments, Agent Redeagle was sitting up rubbing his forehead with a groan.

                “It’s nice to see I’m not the only dog faced guy around,” Anubis grinned. “So who are you?”

                “His name is Nyhtwulf and he can only talk through me,” said Blacktide. “And he says he’s a demon, not a dog.”

               Again, it was time to share the details of what each team found and learned.  All of them were amazed to hear of Anubis’s power development he called “Guardian of the Dead”.

                “Before we can help your new friend,” Sandstorm motioned to Nyhtwulf, “We better get back to the office and share all this with Larratus. I don’t know if we have anything that’s getting us closer to what caused this blackout. Let’s go put it all together and find out.”


Coming in for a crash
The giant cargo ship bobbed on the waves like a toy in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean. Its voyage brought it halfway between Africa and South America, headed for Georgetown.

The supernatural howl that came before the first crashing waves made the men almost panic, grabbing onto anything near them including each other. The first waves hit so hard at the bow of the ship that it spun off course. Even the most seasoned sailor never heard a storm roar like the savage monster upon them. Through their terror, none of them could be sure if they really saw a giant hand made of water rising above them. Waves surged over the vessel like a miniature in a bath tub and then, the side of the massive hurricane yanked the ship right out of the water.

                Several hours later at Georgetown the winds rose fast and forced everyone to take cover. At the docks men worked fast to secure whatever they could.  Deep darkness can play tricks on the eyes and one man thought he saw shapes in the air as he worked on mooring ropes for another boat. He dismissed it as his imagination and the big metal cargo container landed on him and his boat, destroying both. Then more cargo containers rained all over the dock area and parts of Georgetown, smashing anything they hit. Cars, boats, houses, and businesses all took a special delivery of large iron projectiles. The horror of this was only compounded by the falling bodies of men from the lost ship. Men in a shipping office stared out the window in horror as the giant cargo ship came hurtling from the darkness right for them. It crushed the entire building of the office and continued rolling over everything in its path. The screams in the dark of Georgetown echoed in the wind.
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