Saturday, July 7, 2012

GZ Legends 1-10 The World Goes Dark

This is to give you links to my ongoing story (in short sections) of GZ Legends. This doesn't include a link to number 11 but you can find that as the post right before this in the blog history down right side of the screen.

I hope you're enjoying the story so far!

I appreciate all your great support and please remember that people with special conditions can do things, often things you wouldn't believe. Children with autism (aspergers) can grow up to lead successful lives so never give up hope. Hope is what fuels you to be the best parent you can today.

Now here's the storyline so far, enjoy! The balance of good and evil is in jeopardy!

1: The Temple in the Sand

2: Vengeance and Grief

3: Lights Out!

4: War and Powers

5: The Terror of the Dark

6: Into the Fire

7: Recruiting the Storm

8: And now the PAC

9: The White House

10: A Hero sent by Death

And finally, you can see the early Showcase Short story links HERE.

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