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GZ Legends 18: Zombie Hunting

Electrode and Sandstorm

                The zombie henchman reached up to the handle of the school bus emergency exit door. He pulled it open as the children squeezed closer to their teacher. She hugged one close to her and pressed back against the rest of her class. The henchman raised the energy rifle and aimed it at them. He had been ordered to kill all who didn’t flee into buildings. He had no mind except for orders. He had no emotions that could be triggered, not even by the tears of children. The energy of the rifle surged and glowed.

            The teacher had already seen the effects of the weapons. She knew that he could have fired right through the emergency door with a few shots. Her body would be of no resistance in saving her class. She squeezed the little boy in her lap as her tears ran down her cheeks.

            As the teacher started to close her eyes, the henchman’s finger tightened on the trigger of the weapon. A moment of forever passed before a boy behind her shook her shoulder. She opened her eyes and the henchman was gone.

            What she missed in the moment that her eyelashes came in contact with each other was a barrage of fists in blue gloves that hit the henchman from beyond the speed of light. In that same span of time, Electrode removed the helmets of several henchmen, right after knocking the one away from the bus. Electrode knocked all of them down and the asphalt shifted under their heads. All at once, a single asphalt spike rose from the ground and through the heads of each of the zombie henchmen. It all happened before anyone on the bus could notice.

            The teacher gazed at the blonde haired man in blue who held out  hand to them.

            “Let’s get you all off the bus and into a building. They aren’t attacking anyone there. Come on now,” Electrode said.

            “Is he a superhero?” asked one of the children.

            “I think so,” she smiled through her tears, “let’s go children.”

            Electrode led them away from the scenes of the fallen henchmen and any bodies he saw along the way. He led them into a department store building.

            “You should be okay and even find something for the kids to do in here.”

            “Thank you,” the teacher said.

            “Just stay in here until we can make the streets safe enough to get you all home.” And then he was gone.

            Electrode met Sandstorm out in the street.

            “I got them inside,” Electrode said to his partner.

            “Right, let’s go find some more.”


Anubis could see energy weapon fire going on in the street below and he gripped his lance hard. He finally began to see his purpose with more clarity than before. He saw a young man and woman trapped in the middle of the street and they reminded him of Ella. A loving couple gripping each other in fear, who may never see their own future. Anubis dove as the henchmen took aim. The young couple closed their eyes as the light shone from the barrels of the rifle weapons.  They heard the firing but nothing connected with them. When they opened their eyes to see why, Anubis stood in the way with one arm outstretched. He had blocked the energy fire with a forcefield.

Anubis snarled, “It’s not nice to shoot at helpless people!”

He swung his lance and a wave of force threw all the attackers bodies through the air and flipped empty cars over like toys.  He pointed his lance, “Let’s see how you like it!” Stellar energy blasts tore into attackers and destroyed their armor, defenses and bodies. No more holding back on any level with these things. The time had come to correct an abomination of terrifying proportions. As for the creator of them, Anubis felt only rage.

“I’m going to find you, Professor Zombie, and when I do, you will pay!” he thought. 

The young couple didn’t have to told what to do next. They were already gone. Suddenly the air and ground around Anubis exploded in energy weapons fire. More of the henchmen had surrounded him. As the smoke began to clear the lance of Anubis flew out and through the head of one henchman front to back. Mirrored face shield reflected images of Anubis bringing his fists to the heads of others in a battle rage.

 Anubis fueled himself with images of those who killed Ella and his rage at Prof. Zombie. His fists glowed brighter as he became more enraged at the henchmen. He hardly noticed that his lance flew back to his hand so he could use on the others. He moved with the lance like a samurai. Each fluid arc sliced away weapons, limbs and legs. He even blocked energy shots with the lance with speed and precision. He didn’t realize it, but he was quickly becoming better and better in the use of his powers. The knowledge instilled in him by the Powermid grew with everything he did.  In moments the firefight ended with Anubis the only one standing.  He surveyed the scene with a scowl and shot back into the air to find the next group of them.


Blacktide and Nyhtwulf
On another street, cars burned and beams flew errantly down the street destroying anything they came in contact with. The attackers moved forward without regard for even their own safety, clearly programmed that they were already invincible.

 Nyhtwulf landed on top of a car directly in their midst and gave a loud growl to make sure they all noticed him. They turned and fired without hesitation. As before, the beams vanished into the Twylie demon’s body only to come right back out at their owners. While they were weakened by this turnover, Blacktide rode in on his motorcycle  and put his hand across three of their heads, erasing them from existence. He fought with focus assisted by his new partner, like he never knew he could have. Instead of random waves of energy, they were now more focused and caused much less collateral damage around them.

 He skidded his bike to a stop and dismounted. Precision work turned the attackers’ bodies to smoke before they could fire another shot. Many couldn’t anyway for sake of missing arms and disfigurement from their own weapons. After the smoke cleared, the two heroes were the only ones left standing. People along the sides of the street began to cheer them. Blacktide raised his hands to ask them to quiet but the result was not immediate enough for him.

“Alright, alright, shut up! You all need to get into the buildings and stay there. For some reason they are only attacking in the streets. We’ll send you a message when it’s safe. Get inside now!”

            “How will we know the message?” a woman asked.

            “Lady, I don’t know. I’m just trying to save your life. Please go inside now.” Larry got back on his motorcycle and Nyhtwulf took to the air as he rode away in search of more of the nightmarish henchmen.


Atomizer took off his cowboy hat so he could peer around a corner at the group that just finished decimating a large street area. It looked like it was too late to save anyone there and that angered him.

            “Time to see what kind of damage I can really do with one of those fancy weapons,” he thought as he concentrated on one in the middle of them all. With no living people in the street, Atomizer figured it was safe enough to blast them all and avenge the losses of human life.

            The resulting blast almost threw him from behind the cover of the brick building. Cars flew into the air, windows and walls shattered and two helmeted heads bounced off the wall across from him. As the deafening ring sang in his ears he stared ahead in blank disbelief.

            “I didn’t intend to hit that hard,” he murmured, “oh no.” He ran out and exploded two heads of ones that were standing back up. The rest were bits and pieces, much like the fronts of the four buildings around them. Atomizer stared at the gutted buildings in shock. The alien weapon had turned out be extremely volatile with his power.  A gunshot shook him from his stupor as Redeagle shot a henchman that still had a head and arm to reach for a weapon. Atomizer looked to his partner in dismay, “I didn’t mean it to hit this hard. We gotta check these buildings.”

            Redeagle nodded and ran to a building. He shoved away the car that blocked the doors and hurried into what was left.  “Is there anyone here?”

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