Friday, May 10, 2013

GZ Legends 47: Assault on Zombie Base

 “Oh, so you can hear me! I’m going to peel your toy open like a tin can and yank you out of there!” Anubis shouted at the 6 wheel rover as he dodged more cannon fire.

            “Don’t be foolish. I’m nowhere near you, Anubis.” Prof. Zombie’s voice sounded again.

            “Then I will find you!” Anubis swung his lance and tore a long gash in the side of the rover. A beam of energy hit him in the shoulder and tossed him backwards.

            “We shall see,” the voice taunted with cold confidence.

            Around the grounds, panels opened and energy cannons rose on mechanized turrets. Electrode lashed out as them as he went speeding by. His lightning assault had little effect in damaging the weaponry. Electrode could see they would require concentrated efforts of  his energy, but that would require slowing down. The air came to life with explosive lasers and the cannons weren’t alone. Larger panels of ground fell away to form ramps to underground hideaways, allowing platoons of the Professor’s enhanced zombies to come out. All of them wore their helmets, leather body armor, and carried alien weaponry.

            Energy fire shattered the tree trunks that Blacktide, Nightfall, Redeagle and Atomizer dove to the ground behind. Some of the trees fell in the path of firing, providing some temporary extra cover.

            “Hey, Nightfall,” Atomizer shouted over the torrent of energy blasts and explosions. “You said there was going to be traps.”

            “Yeah. What do you call those?” Nightfall gestured to the turrets and armed henchmen.

            “That’s not traps, lady, that’s a small army and full arsenal!”

            “Well what do you want me to do about it?” Nightfall fired her blaster at a turret with no effect. “They’re too well armored!”

            Atomizer concentrated on the ground by the same turret. The explosion filled the air with dirt, but did nothing to the still firing weapon.

            “Great! And if I target it directly, I’ll probably kill us all!” Atomizer said.

            “Geez! Shut up!” Blacktide said as he disintegrated his way into the ground. As he stood up in the hole he made, he extended his aura, making enough room for all of them. “Get in here!”

            His friends needed no extra coaxing.

            “Now, we have two turrets on us and our friends are just a little busy. If one of us can handle one turret, I’ll burn my way through the ground to the other.” Blacktide explained.

“I think I can take out the first turret.” Redeagle held up his .454 Casull revolver.

            “My blaster couldn’t scratch it. What makes you think that will work?” Nightfall said.

            “Did I ever mention I have really good eyesight?”

            “Fine. Once we get these done with, we need to get out there and help take down the rest of the horror show. Atomizer, does your power work on their helmets?” Blacktide said.


            “Then quit worrying about their stupid guns and blow their freaking heads off.”

            “Okay. Okay.” Ever since he nearly killed a lot of people by using his power on the alien weaponry, Atomizer had been afraid to use his power even near it. He hated to admit it, but he had held on to the trauma for too long.

            “Let’s do this.” Blacktide turned and moved through the ground wall he created with smoke curling into the air.

            “Nightfall, see if you can distract it with your blaster for a second.” Redeagle said as he carefully took aim, just above the ground.

            Nightfall shrugged and started firing.

            Among the gifts from his Grandfather, a Shaman, was the eyesight of an eagle. Agent Redeagle looked across the sight at the end of his revolver’s barrel. He saw past it and the millions of blades of grass. He literally zoomed in like high powered binoculars to his target in a narrow gap between folds of metal. He could see, deep in that gap, a cluster of wiring that controlled the turrets power supply. With the turret firing, there was a great deal of vibration, so Redeagle would have to time his shot perfectly. Half a second felt like years as he squeezed the trigger. The .454 Casull shouted like thunder as the heavy bullet tore across the gap to its target. Energy blasts and the bullet passed each other in close proximity like jet fighters, just missing each other. The gap shook back and forth as the projectile made its way home. In the span of less than a tenth of a second, the bullet passed through the gap perfectly and struck the cluster of wires. With a surgical strike to its nerve center, the turret shuddered and died in smoke and a shower of sparks.

            While Redeagle was killing one turret, Blacktide waded through the ground toward the other. At halfway, he disintegrated a water line and was drenched in a gushing flood. His power could not disintegrate water, but it only served to irritate. He didn’t need to be right next to the turret. A few yards would suffice so he could attack without harming his friends. A few steps past the rushing water, Blacktide enveloped his right fist in the dark shadows of his power. He stepped forward and moved as if throwing a straight punch into someone’s face. The wave of disintegrative force made a coughing sound as it tore through some more ground at an upward angle. With another cough of imploding air, the turret developed a gaping smoldering hole where the barrel used to be.

            The hole Blacktide made filled with water quickly.

            “Oh, that’s nice. I wanted a bath today!” Atomizer remarked.

            “Quit complaining and let’s get moving!” Redeagle said, thinking he might have to slap his partner if the complaints continued.

They rolled out of the hole, using the fallen trees for cover. More energy fire tore through the branches. Several of Professor Zombie’s henchmen were moving in on them. The Professor had programmed them well. They knew no fear or compassion. Their only orders were to kill.
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