Tuesday, May 7, 2013

GZ Legends 46: Seeking the Zombie

 “I so needed to do that,” Traveler said as she stood over the unconscious body of Sylvia.

            “Hey, we’re all just jealous you got to her first,” Anubis chimed in.

            “I wouldn’t have minded a good jab myself,” Sandstorm said.

            After having their senses dragged across fragments of time, the team needed a short respite on the fairway. There was a great deal of head shaking and forehead rubbing. Mixed into their recovery was the awe invoking experience that they had just met yet another god.

            “We should start asking for autographs,” Anubis joked.

            “Well, we won’t be collecting the hourglass, but at least it’s in proper hands.” Doctor Vampire said. “Now, my team and I need to go to the museum and make sure everything gets secured. We’ll come back and assist you after that.”

            “We appreciate it,” Atomizer said.

            “We still need to find Professor Zombie and work on getting the sun back.” Redeagle added.

            Atomizer walked over to Dreamseer who was still rubbing her forehead.

            “Hey. You doing okay?”

            “Yes, thank you.” Dreamseer gave a weak but genuine smile.

            “You know, maybe when you come back and we get all this craziness put behind us, we could get together…”

            “And eat some of my friends?” Dreamseer nudged him in the ribs. (See what she's talking about HERE)

            “Oh, you don’t let a joke go, do you?” Atomizer chuckled and adjusted his Stetson hat.

            “Not when it gets such awesome results. Yes, Jason Marigold, I will go on a date with you when I see you next.  How’s that?”

            “Excellent. I’ll take that and I promise to remember that you’re a vegetarian.”

            Anubis took time to check on Nightfall as the two teams prepared to travel again. Electrode still felt a bit sore, but was ready for action. At a time of separation, they all shook hands and wished each other luck.

            “We think we found a location for your Professor and Traveler can send you straight to it if you like.” Doctor Vampire offered.

            “I think that’s a fine idea.” Sandstorm said.

            “Heck yeah!” Anubis shouted. “It’s about time we got to him.”

            “If you’re ready, I’ll open the portal.” Traveler offered.

            “No time like the present,” Blacktide said.

            Traveler gestured with one hand and a portal of light appeared hovering  in the air. With a few parting well wishes, Sandstorm and his team walked through the portal.

            “Will they make it?” Dreamseer asked of Doctor Vampire.

            “They have to, or the balance is doomed. Come on. Let’s get back to the museum as fast as we can. They will need our help once we are done.”

Far away, deep under the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, an awakened giant continued to stir. Since the genetic hurricane dislodged his long time hiding place, it had been scanning the surface world with technology from beyond the stars. It knew that the world was in turmoil and why. It surveyed the world’s internet and computer systems with ridiculous ease. It saw news reports about the artifacts and the destruction they caused. It even knew what was blocking the sun and it thought the whole affair was quite beautiful. It realized it had been dormant and hidden for far too long. It was time to come out and play.

            The portal put the friends on the end of Soundview Avenue in New York. They were near a park. About a hundred yards away, a boating dock and gravel lot housed boats and trailers near the river. A small building stood dark. Further down the road, they could see construction equipment in the glow of street lights and another larger building, also dark. A couple hundred yards further from the river was an array of larger buildings and all of them were dark.

            “Does anyone know what time it is?” Sandstorm asked.

            “I believe it is sometime in mid-afternoon,” Nyhtwulf said, “for this area.”

            “Then there are too few people and too many dark buildings around here.”

            “I guess we’re in the right spot then,” Electrode said. “Shall I take a look around?”

            “You’re actually asking this time? I’m proud of you. Yeah, go.”

            Electrode returned almost instantly. “There’s no one outside anywhere for blocks up the street. There are two of our friends in the black helmets at the building with the construction equipment.”

            “Then that’s where we go,” Sandstorm said. “Everyone watch each other’s backs. I’ll go in first and wait for you to catch up. Use every stealthy trick you know and make sure always have cover.”

            “Boy, I can’t wait to fight more armored super zombies.” Atomizer said.

            “Better than world killing artifacts we can’t use our powers on.” Blacktide responded.

            “I’ve been itching for this fight you guys.” Anubis gripped his lance. “I’ll take care of the two at the door. Consider that as my way of ringing the doorbell.”

            “Just don’t destroy the building. We don’t know what’s in there.” Sandstorm cautioned.

            “He’s an inventive genius, so the place is going to be packed with traps.” Nightfall informed them. “And, remember, these people are already dead. You’re doing them a service.”

            Anubis and Nyhtwulf flew up into the darkness. Sandstorm dissipated into air and Electrode vanished from sight. Nightfall stayed to the back of the group with her blaster drawn while Redeagle and Blacktide moved forward in the lead. They moved along a line of trees for cover, away from the streetlights.

Anubis looked down at the two guards and had a strange idea.

            “They seem like they’re about the same size. I wonder if I can…”

            Anubis landed suddenly to one side of the two men and threw his lance. Before either guard could react, the lance skewered both helmets and they fell over, pinned together. Anubis chuckled over his own skill as the wall next to him exploded outward. The six wheeled land rover rammed Anubis and carried him several yards away from the building before stopping. The armored hero tumbled across the ground but quickly got back to his feet.

            “Well, you don’t hit as hard as the Hearse, so…”

            His thought was interrupted as he flew into the air to avoid the weapons firing at him. The entire rover had been re-armored and fitted with larger forms of the alien weaponry Prof. Zombie’s henchmen carried.

            “Oh boy! Someone has a cool toy! Too bad I’m going to break it into little pieces!” Anubis snarled as he swooped acrobatically in the air.

            “You’re perfectly welcome to try, my boy.” The Professor’s voice echoed from a speaker on the rover. “You’re perfectly welcome to try.”

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