Tuesday, May 14, 2013

GZ Legends 48: The Underground Bunker

  At top speed Electrode yanked one of the alien rifles away from a zombie henchman, tearing a finger off as he went. He moved to the outer edge of the platoons of Professor Zombie,s creations and hit the trigger. Electrode fired into the crowd of henchmen with mixed results. The helmets were resistant to a few blasts, but would eventually fail. He still had to move after a few shots as they turned to return fire. It was the open ramp that gave him his next idea. He remembered what happened when Atomizer targeted one of the weapons with his combustion powers. Electrode darted to one of the ramps and tossed the weapon down it with several henchmen still nearby. In turning to speed away, he let an arc of lightning hit the weapon. Since it was below ground level and the furthest from his friends, only the henchmen felt the deadlier results. The blast still shook the ground all the way to the river. Dozens of henchmen were destroyed. The closest were almost completely vaporized. Those slightly further away were in pieces. Electrode moved far from the blast area and away from the tank turrets to consider his next move.

            Nyhtwulf flew into the path of several henchmen who headed for Redeagle, Atomizer, and Nightfall. The lupine shadow demon opened his arms wide and roared a challenge. The challenge was met with bright red lasers from several directions. As he had shown before, when energy enters Nyhtwulf’s shadowy body, he has the power to redirect it. The only thing the zombie henchmen accomplished was blowing themselves to pieces. Blacktide caught up and finished them off with a well-aimed wave of disintegrative force. Then it was time for everyone to find cover.

The wind rose against the remaining henchmen, forcing them backward. As the funnel formed, many were snatched from the ground and spun in the air. Sandstorm controlled his form exactly so that he didn’t just throw their bodies into the dark distance. He wanted to hold on to as many as possible as he steered the whirling funnel toward the river. On his way, he tore two of the turret cannons from their mounts like plucking weeds from a garden. He moved out over the serene waters of the river. In moments he switched from tornado to the awesome sight of a dark waterspout.  From deep within, Sandstorm dropped the temperature, plummeting fast into a super deep freeze. No one could see exactly what was happening as a mist concealed it, but loud cracking sounds could be heard far on the other side of the river.

Anubis lunged at the 6-wheel rover with a savage snarl and drove his lance through its armored side. As its automated weapons targeted him, he hefted the 2 ton machine using his lance like a pitchfork. Anubis smashed the vehicle on its roof and the mounted weaponry exploded in pieces and flames. With that, he leapt into the air over top of the new wreckage and charged his lance with bright cosmic power. He aimed at the center of his target with grim determination and threw his lance. The military class ATV burst in all directions leaving only a smoking shell. Anubis landed nearby and held out his hand. His lance flew to him and he caught it without even looking.

“Hmmpf!” Anubis grunted and thumped his lance on the ground.

As the mist cleared around what was a raging water spout, everyone could see the shining ice. Inside, the massive pressure of the ice had crushed bodies and even the specialized helmets the henchmen wore. The morbid ice sculpture stood from a deeply frozen area of river. It reached over 50 feet into the air. A section mist separated from the structure and floated toward the regrouping heroes. It shaped into the form of a man and Sandstorm stood among them once again.

Much of the area now smoldered and burned. Bodies of leather-clad henchmen lay all over in every direction. All the turrets were destroyed. Only the building stood intact and quiet.

“There’s something un-natural here.” Sandstorm gestured and the ground peeled away toward the building and the river at mental command. It was as if an invisible bulldozer came through and shoved it all away. In the path of that was the dark building. With snapping and crunching sounds, it caved away too. Smooth shiny metal gleamed in the place of dirt and rock.

“He’s been underground the whole time.” Atomizer said.

“Looks that way. Should we bother looking for a door?” Electrode said.

“Not with me around.” Blacktide said. “Everyone, step back please.”

Blacktide gestured with both hands at the metal encasement. In a burst of smoke, a wide hole formed allowing view into a corridor below. Two henchmen were below and turned, aiming their weapons upward. Nyhtwulf was faster, landing on them both and removing their heads as he did.

“How many?” Atomizer asked. “How many people has he done this to?”

“I’m sure if we check missing persons on a wide scale we could eventually find out. We’ll probably have to once we’re done with all this.” Redeagle said.

“Not only does the Professor need to pay for what he’s done to all these people; he needs to pay for us having to destroy them.” Anubis said with a growl. “Let’s go.”

Anubis scooped up a surprised Nightfall and flew down into the hole. In moments, all of them were in a wide corridor of metal.

“You can put me down now,” Nightfall said.

“Oh, right.” Anubis set her gently on her feet.

“There’s a large door up ahead. Let’s go forget to knock on it.” Sandstorm said.

“I’m in on that.” Blacktide said.

“Watch out for traps, guys.” Nightfall warned.

As they neared the great metal door a high frequency piercing sound echoed around them. Nyhtwulf clutched his head and fell intangibly through the floor while the rest of his friends collapsed where they stood. 
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