Tuesday, August 27, 2013

GZ Legends 63: Robot Assault!

Galose grabbed the Claymore sword protruding from his chest and pulled it out. Thanks to the fact that his actual body resided in another dimension, he was never touched by it. Only his armor suffered damage and that was quickly under repair. Galose had been hitting Silver Crow with everything he could think of without leveling the White House. The room they fought in was a shambles. Walls were broken in, furniture destroyed and a chandelier had gone out a window. Silver Crow, the haunted armor continued with the eerie echoing laugh and Galose was fed up with it.

            “Let me give you something to laugh about.” Galose said as he spun the blade of the sword in his armored hand.

            He and the haunted armor clashed as they had several times, but this time, Galose grabbed the helmet of Silver Crow and pulled it to him. In a fluid motion, he flipped the visor open and jammed the blade of the sword into the opening and far down into the armor itself.

            Silver Crow abruptly stopped laughing and staggered backward. He clutched at the hilt of his sword that stuck out from the opening of his helmet. Galose had wedged it in very well. It couldn’t be removed from an angle Silver Crow could reach.

            “Too bad you don’t have an actual throat to shove it down, but that will do.” Galose said.

            Silver Crow vanished and Galose detected the use of teleportation for the haunted armor’s escape.  At that moment Sandstorm appeared.

            “Wow. What happened here?” Sandstorm asked.

            Galose turned to him. “He bit off more than he could chew.”

            “Fair enough. Let’s find the President.”

            “Hey, guys!” Anubis called as he ran into their area. Blacktide, Nyhtwulf and Electrode also arrived. All of them had been heading for the loudest sounds of fighting.

            In the Oval Office, the Bagman had just released the President and family from his mystical bag of holding.

            “My business here is finished, Mr. President, but I dare say, the horror is far from over. I just need you here on your knees between me and that door for a few more seconds. Then I’ll let you go.”

            “Please just let my family go.” The President said.

            “Oh of course. I’m not going to hurt one hair on their heads or yours either. Now, the folks about to arrive? They  may need convincing.”

            “What are you talking about?”

The doors burst open and Sandstorm came in followed by the others. They all stopped as Bagman kept his hands on the President’s shoulders.

            “You’re all alone.” Sandstorm said. “It’s over and we want words with you.”

            “I’m never alone, it’s far from over, and you don’t have time for words with me.” Bagman gave an un-nerving smile and disappeared.

            “That’s really going to tick me off soon.” Sandstorm said.

            “Who are you people?” The President asked as Electrode helped him to his feet.

            “We’re PAC, the Parahuman Activity Commission. I’d point out that we’re here to help you, but that should be obvious. Are all of you alright?”

            “We aren’t hurt, but that man said someone else is coming.”

            “He’s right.” Galose said. “We have multiple incoming outside. We need to get out there now.” As if on cue, explosions could be heard outside. The ground shook with multiple impacts.

            “Mr. President, please take your family somewhere safe.” Sandstorm said before he dissipated into air.

            “Don’t worry, Mr. President, we’ll take care of it!” Anubis called as he followed his friends out of the room.

            The President was left standing in awe and wonder at what happened. His wife had to snap him out of it with a poke to the shoulder.

            Galose raced down a hall toward a window and jumped through it. As his armored form passed through the cascade of shattered glass and wood, weapon systems were already locking on targets all around him. As he landed on his feet, he started firing without hesitation. The newcomers were sleek and black in their armor. Their helmets were shaped like those of ancient Samurai and their silver face places were shiny and featureless. Their weapons spit energy blasts far more powerful than any laser on Earth.

            “What the heck are these things?” Anubis said as he and Nightfall stopped at the broken window.

            “Rotanian soldiers. They’re robots so don’t hold back!” Nightfall fired her blaster from the window a few times as she spoke.

            “My kind of fight!” Anubis flew out the window with his lance glowing. He landed in a group of the Rotanians and swung his lance in several directions. He broke two robot heads, but one of the others hit him. Anubis was knocked sprawling. “I shouldn’t underestimate you guys, should I?”

            Lightning flew in several directions as Electrode raced between the dozens of Rotanians that were attacking human soldiers. The weapons of humans were no match for Rotanian armor. Military forces were taking heavy casualties.

            “Let’s get their attention on us!” Sandstorm shouted as he combined himself with the ground. He rose as a giant of dirt and rock, scooping up several robots and smashing them together in giant hands.

            “I will get them to shoot at me while you shoot at them from cover.” Nyhtwulf suggested to his partner.

            “Go get ‘em.” Blacktide agreed.

            Nyhtwulf didn’t have to try very hard to make himself a target. Many of them opened fire on him. Thanks to his ability to redirect energy through his intangible body, the shots all went to new targets. Before Rotanian learning programs could adjust, Nyhtwulf took out 15 of them with their own weapons.  Blacktide took cover and disintegrated any that came near.

On the other side of the fence, Redeagle and Atomizer did their best to defend the troops. Redeagle fired until he ran out of ammunition for his .454 Casull revolver. When a blast broke the barrel off a nearby tank, Redeagle snatched it up. With little protection from their weapons, Redeagle charged into the robots, swinging the tank barrel like a giant baseball bat.

            Atomizer found himself in a quandary. There were so many high tech alien weapons, that he dared not use his power on them. The near disaster he caused with one accidently still haunted him. He blew the ground from under their feet and threw some into the air. Suddenly a Rotanian was right in front of him, its rifle aimed directly at his face.
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