Monday, August 5, 2013

GZ Legends 59: Shell Shocked

As Blacktide opened his eyes, fluorescent lights overhead stung them. He clenched his eyes shut and took a deep breath. To his surprise, he felt no pain. It relieved him greatly that he could breathe without searing agony. Slowly, he opened his eyes and saw the office ceiling. He lay on a table with an assortment of blankets under him and a pillow. The sound of loud chewing made him slowly turn his head toward the source of the sound.

            Nyhtwulf sat on a tall stool with a clawed hand filled with foil wrapped cream cheese squares. Several were being chewed in his canine mouth, foil and all, as Blacktide looked over at him. As Blacktide stared, Nyhtwulf noticed his gaze.

            “Oh good, you’re awake!” Nyhtwulf jumped up and moved next to his partner.

            “How?” Blacktide asked.

            “I can’t help it. I like them this way.”

            “No.” Blacktide groaned. “How am I alive?”

            “After you defeated Maniac, he teleported away. No one knows where. Galose said you did severe damage. I caught you and healed you. I had to keep you intangible to reset your bones. Many of them were broken.”

            “I’ve never ever hurt so bad.”

            “You will be alright now.”

            “I’m not so sure of that.” Blacktide slowly sat up and Nyhtwulf reached out to help him. Blacktide naturally flinched.

            “Your powers are back under control. Apparently my being in another dimension severed our link until I returned. I am sorry. That will not happen again.”

            As Blacktide sat up he leaned forward on his knees, taking slow deliberate breaths. “Is everyone else okay?”

            “Well, yes and no.”

            “What do you mean?”

            “While we were out against Maniac, Commander Larratus was attacked. Professor Zombie and the Vagabond have escaped.”

            Blacktide shook his head. “This just never ends.”

            “No it doesn’t.” Sandstorm entered the room. “How are you doing?”

            “I really don’t know. My body is healed but I don’t feel right.”

“You look shell shocked to me.” Sandstorm observed. “Can’t blame you. You aren’t used to the idea that anything can hurt you, never mind kill you.”

            “I know I can be killed.”

            “Not be anything solid. Maniac had you in his fist even though you were burning him.”

            “Yeah.” Blacktide said, devoid of emotion.

            “Take a break in here as long as you need to. We’re talking about our next move in the conference room.”

            Blacktide thought for a long moment. “No. I have to do something, anything. I can’t just be stagnate.”

            “Are you sure?”

            “Yeah. Besides, I’ve got Nyhtwulf with me.”

            Nyhtwulf nodded with a mouth full of cream cheese and foil. It was a sight his friends were becoming used to.

            In the conference room everyone but Commander Larratus waited for them. The Commander was under treatment for the damage done by Deformer. Galose nodded to Blacktide in respect. Blacktide nodded back not understanding why.

            “Hey man!” Anubis said. “Great to see you walking!”

            Nightfall’s first instinct was to go hug Blacktide, but she knew better. Blacktide was not the hugging sort. Everyone seemed okay, but Blacktide couldn’t miss the expressions of concern.

            “Has your armor finished its repairs?” Sandstorm asked Galose.

            “Yes. I am ready for our next course of action. I believe you want to liberate the White House?”

            “I think it’s way past time we did that.” Sandstorm said. “As I understand, the military is all around the property. They don’t dare move in for safety of the First Family. Commander Larratus was communicating with the military about our moving in. We need to go there and take back the White House.”

            “What about Professor Zombie and Vagabond?” Anubis asked.

            “I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of them.” Electrode said.

            “Has everyone had enough rest? Have you had something to eat?” Sandstorm asked.

            “I sacked out for several hours while we were waiting for Blacktide.” Atomizer said. “No offense. I was worried, but if we didn’t take advantage of down time, we’d be fools.”

            “No problem.” Blacktide said.

            At the White House, the criminal called the Bagman sat in the Oval Office with a cruel smile on his face. Outside the fence of the White House property, soldiers, jeeps and even tanks lined every street. Military Special Ops teams tried to infiltrate the building twice. None of them lived.

            “Are you ready?” Stormy appeared in the room without warning, but Bagman was used to it.

            “Always. We’ve held this building for days now. I’m sure we can fend off the crew you told us about.”

“Just remember the plan and stick to it.” Stormy vanished as quickly as he had appeared.

            “Always so talkative,” joked Bagman as he put up his feet and examined his black silk bag. “Everything’s in the bag.”

            All around the White House, the other members of Bagman’s team stood guard. Bagman had been receiving reports of the heroic activities of PAC and felt sure they posed little threat. The plan was strange to him, but none-the-less he would follow it.

            “Let them come. We’re more than ready.”

            A few hours later a Lieutenant approached the General in charge of the scene around the White House.

            “Sir, they’re here.”

            “Who’s here?”

            “Agents of PAC.”

            “Good. Send them over.”

            The General scrutinized the motley looking mix of people as they approached. Sandstorm stepped forward and offered a hand. The General accepted a hearty shake, testing his grip.

            “You’ve got a good handshake, son. I just hope you have an even better plan.”

            “Nothing less than taking back the White House, rescuing the First Family, freeing hostages, and stomping those responsible into the dirt.”

            The General cocked a bushy eyebrow. “Sounds like the start of a good plan.” 
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