Thursday, August 8, 2013

GZ Legends 60: The White House Mission

 It didn’t take long to explain the plan to the General. He watched them split up for different sections of the White House while saying a heartfelt prayer.

            Anubis and Nightfall landed at the base of the steps to the front doors. Someone stood waiting for them. A dwarfish man with dark hair stood by one of the great columns. He wore a white suit jacket and black pants. He smiled at their approach, crouched slightly as if regarding a child and slapped his knees.

            “Well hi, puppy!” As soon as he spoke his body contorted and grew. The white jacket vanished to reveal a muscular frame with skin of stone. His ears became pointed and his eyes glowed a sinister green. He laughed loud and hard before speaking again. “WANNA PLAY FETCH?”

            Anubis held up his lance, “Sure. I even brought my stick.”

            “Bring it on, dog boy!”

            “It’s a jackal for your information!” Anubis flew over his head and caught him in a restraining hold with the lance as a bar across his wide stone chest. It wasn’t easy since Monolith was a full head taller and quite a bit broader than he was.

            “What kind of weak move is this?” Monolith shouted.

            “I thought the lady should hit you first,” Anubis answered.

            Nightfall ran up and slapped a bare hand on the stone man’s chest and he laughed. Her power had no effect on him.

“What was that supposed to do?” He gave a sharp twist and broke free, tossing Anubis down the steps. Monolith grabbed Anubis’s lance before it could return to its owner and threw it. It stopped, hovering just inches away from Anubis’s nose.

            “Guess my own weapon can’t be used on me,” Anubis said as he snatched it out of the air.

            “I got plenty that can be used on ya! Come and get it.” Monolith taunted.

            Anubis flew up and smacked Monolith with the lance like a professional baseball player. The hit echoed across the grounds. Soldiers in the blockades ducked for cover, thinking they were under fire. Monolith laughed.

            “That felt good!” He gave a return punch that sent Anubis shooting all the way out to the far fences of the property. Anubis’s body was caught by wrought iron fencing that bent around him like a net.

            Nightfall fired her blaster. The shots did nothing. Monolith grinned as he stepped toward her.

            “Little girlie, you’re in the wrong fight,” he laughed.

Blacktide and Nyhtwulf approached from the back grounds. They too, found someone waiting for them, just standing there as if they were fully expected. The other dwarf, called the Serpent, stood with a gleaming short sword in either hand. Like Blacktide, he wore dark glasses, but they were to hide is serpentine eyes. His smile revealed a pair of fangs. He wore a broad hat and a long coat that went past his knees. Past the coat, Blacktide could see pin-striped pants and suspenders.

“Wow,” Blacktide said. “Little man, I think retro would like their style back.”

            “Well lookie here,” Serpent sneered, “a boy and his flying dog.”

            “You best give it up,” Blacktide warned. He burned a trench across the ground toward blade wielding dwarf.

            Serpent spun one of his swords like a silver fan blade and the disintegration beam stopped short. “Oh, I can’t give up yet, boy! I got tricks to show you!” He leaped into the air and balanced on his sword blades in a bizarre cartwheel, spinning right at them. Blacktide and Nyhtwulf dodged to either side with ease. Serpent landed on his feet and swung both swords through the air, while not close to any target. A tree on the other side of Blacktide fell over with a crash.

            “We’ve got tricks too.” Blacktide said as his fists were surrounded in shadows of disintegration energy.

            Nyhtwulf growled and charged, phasing through Serpent to disrupt him. To Blacktide’s surprise, it was Nyhtwulf that hit the ground didn’t get up.

            “Nyhtwulf?” Blacktide called.

            “Oh, your flying dog shouldn’t have done that,” Serpent sneered as the shadows in his clothing started to move. Long shadowy hooded snakes emerged from six places on Serpent’s body. They came out with two near his collar, one from each sleeve and two from under the coat. “He’s been bit by a death serpent. Not even Death himself controls these. You’re about to have a dead dog.”

            What was worse, Blacktide could feel his control slipping again. He staggered backwards.

“What’s wrong, hero? Not feeling so good? That serves me fine. If I don’t have my pets deal with you, maybe I’ll use you for a blood sacrifice.” A forked tongue flickered from Serpent’s mouth.

            “No.” Blacktide growled clenching his fists even tighter. “I just survived way worse than you. I bet you couldn’t take a full on blast. I bet you can’t turn it aside if I just let you have it all.”

            “Ooh, you have venom after all. To me that’s as sweet as honey. Show me boy. Show me what you can do.”

            Sandstorm and Electrode had the easiest time getting into the building. Sandstorm dissolved into air and Electrode went in with speed. They saw a man in a black tuxedo, leaning on a door frame. Electrode appeared in front of the man, planning on finding out who he was. Hypnotist locked eyes with him immediately.

            “You’re fast and powerful. Go out and see how many soldiers you can kill before they kill you.”

            In yet another room, Galose appeared by teleportation. It looked like he was in a study of some kind. A suit of armor stood against a far wall with a claymore sword in its gauntlets. Galose scanned for life signs and found it interesting that one came from that suit of armor. Galose extended a rifle from his armor and aimed at the helmet of the antique armor.

            “Who are you?”

            Silvercrow, the haunted armor, responded only with eerie laughter and a flash of movement. The claymore sword slashed right through Galose’s arm rifle and the Cyborian had to step back quickly. His armor worked to repair a gash on his chest and Galose realized that the sword was an enchanted weapon. It was capable of slicing through his armor, making Silvercrow a deadly opponent.
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