Tuesday, August 13, 2013

GZ Legends 61: Fight for the Capitol

 Silvercrow swung his Claymore sword for Galose’s head. Galose grabbed an arm with martial skill and threw the haunted armor across the room. Its landing destroyed an ornate sofa and cracked a wall. Silvercrow quickly got back on his feet, eerie laughter still echoed from within an empty helmet.

            “You remind me of someone much larger than you.” Galose said as he fired his optic cutting laser. The beam of red light hit Silvercrow across the chest without leaving a mark. Galose extended a metron cannon from his left shoulder and fired it several times. Bright explosive orbs of light blew furniture in all directions.  The explosions forced Silvercrow through the wall and buried it in smoking rubble.

            “Now maybe I can scan you for weaknesses before you get out of there.” Galose said.

            Silvercrow stood up, shrugging off the pile of debris with ease. Before Galose could respond, it charged him. Silvercrow moved with speed and agility that belied his appearance completely. No knight of olde could ever have moved so well in such armor. Galose shifted his weight and turned his body with the incoming attack. As he turned the tip of the sword etched a small line just above Galose’s red optic sensor, casting sparks as it went. His shoulder cannon locked on target and fired, tossing Silvercrow another direction across the wide room.

“Need to get that sword out of your hand.” Galose set his targeting systems on the right hand of Silvercrow and fired with three weapons. The blasts threw the long Claymore from Silvercrow’s hand and sent it spinning across the room.

            “That didn’t go as expected.” Galose said as he viewed half the sword emerged from his chest. Sending it spinning across the room had sent it right to him. He quickly checked system damage reports. “No critical damage. At least you don’t have it. Maybe now I can deal with you.”

            Outside, behind the White House, Blacktide stared down the Serpent with mounting rage. The ground around his feet and up to five feet away smoldered and burned. Grass shriveled and turned black. The smell of scorched landscaping drifted around them on the air.

            “Well, boy? I don’t have all day.” Serpent shifted his weight and gripped his two short swords. “Show me already!”

            Blacktide moved his fists back slightly and lunged them forward. The wave of shadowy force raced at his target, carving a trench across the ground as it went. Serpent spun one of his swords in flashes of silver. The wave went around Serpent like a river around a great stone, missing him completely. As the attack dispersed, Blacktide found Serpent leaping at him through the air. Both swords were aimed to skewer and the shadowy forms of the death snakes could be seen ready to strike. Blacktide threw himself backward frantically and the swords sliced his leather jacket as Serpent landed. Blacktide tumbled across the ground, struggling to stay away from the sharp blades. Serpent swung again and again with gleaming arcs of swift death.

Blacktide lashed out and disintegrated a deep patch of ground in his enemy’s path, hoping to trip him up. Serpent laughed and caught himself with one of his sword tips into the ground to propel him across. He followed that up with a cartwheel and flip into the air. Blacktide had to stay low as the blade cut through the shoulder of his jacket just enough to scratch the surface of his skin. Blacktide tumbled sideways and into the trunk of a small tree. Serpent slashed with both blades and the tree fell. Both of them had to roll out of the way. Serpent cartwheeled out across the lawn as Blacktide rolled another direction, throwing disintegration beams as he went.

            “I’m going to burn your arms and legs off!” Blacktide yelled. “Then I’m taking your head!”

            Serpent turned his cartwheel to move towards his opponent. “Oooh, such rage! I love it!”

            Blacktide fell flat on his back and found the Serpent falling toward him. There was nowhere to dodge this time. He could see the red eyes of the death snakes in the darkness and lamplight shined off deadly swords.

            In the front of the building, Monolith, the Stone Demon reached out for Nightfall’s head as she calmly lifted her blaster toward his face.

            “You’ve already seen that won’t hurt me, girlie.” The demon smiled with shining fangs.

            “It doesn’t have to.” She hit the trigger of her blaster and shot Monolith between his green glowing eyes.

            “AAAARRRR!” Monolith howled and covered his eyes from the bright flash of the blaster’s point blank shot.

            “Still sucks to get flashed in the eyes doesn’t it?” Nightfall said.

            Monolith turned away to shake off the effects of the floating dots in his eyes. His vision cleared to reveal Anubis. The Egyptian hero placed the blades of his lance under Monolith’s jaw. Anubis applied leverage and threw Monolith into the air like using a pitchfork on a bale of hay.

            “Oh, I’m going to kill you both good now!” Monolith growled as he stood up.

“You know, you shouldn’t fight on an empty stomach. Here, have a snack!” Anubis blasted cosmic energy into the ground between them, spraying Monolith with dirt and grass.

            While Monolith sputtered and spat from a mouthful of Earth and wiped at his eyes, Anubis flew into the dark sky.

            “Stupid dog!” Monolith yelled. He shook the dirt off his face just in time for a view of Nightfall and her blaster. Monolith howled even louder from the second blaster shot into his face.

            “How about stupid statue man?” Anubis flew into the demon’s lower back and propelled him into the air. “I have a special idea for you.”

            Using his lance across Monolith’s back, Anubis pushed him high into the air and away from the White House.

            “I’m going to shred you to pieces!” Monolith shouted into the wind as they flew.

            “You know, you’re awfully hot tempered. You need some time to cool off.” Anubis stopped flying abruptly and watched Monolith fall away to the blackness below.

            “AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Monolith could be heard until a loud splash interrupted him. Anubis had flown him two miles out over the North Atlantic Ocean.

            “Can’t fly eh? Gee that’s too bad.” Anubis mused. “Well, back to the White House!”
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